Translation of oleaginous in Spanish:


oleaginoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌoʊliˈædʒənəs//ˌəʊlɪˈadʒɪnəs/


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    (film/substance) oleaginoso
    • Is the consultant being pleasant or oleaginous, altruistic or avaricious?
    • ‘My dears,’ he crooned, in a soft, oleaginous tone, ‘I want you to come with me tomorrow on an ocean adventure.’
    • However, there was a downside to paying repeated homage to this oleaginous expatriate.
    • I gave an oleaginous greeting to my secretary and told her I had finished the consult.
    • The egg was like no egg I have ever seen: it had the appearance of a oleaginous floppy styrofoam sheet folded twice over into a perfect square.
    • A scruffy soldier takes the stage, hired to appear by the oleaginous host.
    • It is fitting that the oleaginous politicians who so wrapped themselves in the expected glory of this purposeless structure have seen their carefully crafted images begin to fade as quickly as their Dome's delights.
    • Every conversation was interrupted with oleaginous humility and victim-like whining.
    • Evidently aware that namedropping is so Nineties, the oleaginous journalist has mastered the millennial equivalent - place-dropping.
    • Unsurprisingly, our oleaginous Prime Minister, after striving to weaken protection for British workers on his last Euro-adventure, is in the vanguard of this movement.
    • Naturally, the oleaginous Gazoo publisher played down rumours that he might be seeking the no-hope gig.
    • But to cap it all, when I met him shortly after in a corridor he was oleaginous and smiley.
    • With some help from Mario whom even as a stripling I found pretty oleaginous, the French menu was interpreted.
    • Some of his more recent panegyrics to the ‘British dream’ emerge curdled and oleaginous.
    • In the space of a few short months, humanity has roused itself from the recurring nightmare of history - of bulldozer violence forever powered by oleaginous lies - and has flung open the curtains to let in the light.
    • Philip was a sly and somewhat oleaginous character but also an effective, resolute, and respected king.
    • In his review the other week, he wrote ‘I'm not going to name our guests,’ but went on to observe that, ‘the owner made an oleaginous, starstruck fool of himself’.
    • And who can forget those 60s ads where merry bands of nymphomaniacs roamed the streets seeking the tell-tale oleaginous glint of a man who had just applied Brylcreem - ‘Use more only if you dare!’
    • As a result, the guitar and organ solos are so greasy, they don't so much adorn the groove as drip from it, one oleaginous note at a time.
    • I'm just telling you who the guy is - there's no reason why you should conclude that he is an oleaginous ex-autocrat who works for the interests of Western capital.
    • ‘Chalky’ feels like spending time becalmed in an oleaginous ocean, noxious gas clouds occasionally swirling round in the dim light.
    • I'm not going to name our guests, because I don't want them to be associated with this place, and because a man whom I assume was the owner made such an oleaginous, starstruck fool of himself.
    • Perry is an architect who is bidding for a contract with an oleaginous millionaire.
    • The first, a likeable and oleaginous drunk of around fifty, was all.
    • Around 140 people are milling around in the foyer before being led into the conference room where lights, music, videos and an oleaginous Master of Ceremonies kick things off.
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    (seeds/kernels) oleaginoso
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    (manner/person/greeting) empalagoso