Translation of oligarchy in Spanish:


oligarquía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɒlɪɡɑːki//ˈɑləˌɡɑrki/

nounPlural oligarchies

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    oligarquía feminine
    • He went on to say that the demonstrations, and the fact that the war was being carried out despite such enormous opposition, expressed the deep chasm that exists between a ruling oligarchy and the vast majority of the world's population.
    • Venice was controlled by a financier oligarchy.
    • The corporation controlled by the financial oligarchy eclipses the modern state and replaces the legal framework within which even the most authoritarian state operates with its sole Law - the urge for profit.
    • He and the Democrats have adopted a reactionary platform not because they think it is necessary to win the popular vote, but because such a program is required by the financial oligarchy that controls both major political parties.
    • Thus it created an outlet for the social concerns of these groups while enabling the party oligarchy to retain control over the competing sectors within the single movement.
    • At home, war will exacerbate social polarization as an ever-greater share of the national income is transferred to both the financial oligarchy and the military.
    • The way it controlled the subject peoples, the way the empires of Mesopotamia, in their time, controlled subject peoples: How does a small oligarchy control a large mass of people?
    • The power resided in an oligarchy, a financier oligarchy, which were the leading families of Venice, who were, in their financial aspect, called fondi, or funds.
    • You organize the world into different religions, and then set the religions to fight each other, as a way a small power, an oligarchy, can control the world: setting one group of people against the other.
    • Businesses created by the Internet are undermining the control of traditional business-government oligarchies.
    • We must break the present supranational controls over nation-states, by the financial oligarchy.
    • The oligarchy's determination to control extended well beyond the political arena to pervade all aspects of social life in the city.
    • Whether at home or overseas, the US government serves the interests of the financial oligarchy that controls both the Democrats and the Republicans.
    • No longer will this planet be controlled by financier oligarchies controlling central banking systems, and dictating to governments, what governments can and can not do.
    • Since independence, the blue in the flag has symbolized support for the ruling oligarchy, while the red has symbolized support for communism or resistance.
    • Since the political system validates the commercial order, the oligarchy is vulnerable to a reassertion of control by the owners of public institutions.
    • The real power in U.S. political parties flows as money from the corporate oligarchy to a party oligarchy.
    • More and more, a financial oligarchy has wrested control of society.
    • The war is a policy supported by and conducted in the interests of a ruling oligarchy that both major parties represent and defend.
    • Team Progressives is trying to take over the UNC, which will mean the parasitic oligarchy will take control.