Translation of oligopoly in Spanish:


oligopolio, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɒlɪˈɡɒp(ə)li//ˌɑləˈɡɑpəli/

nounPlural oligopolies

  • 1

    oligopolio masculine
    • The oligopoly concentrated on marketing and increasing engine power in the postwar decades, choking off European innovations like front-wheel drive, radial tires, and disk brakes.
    • Market concentration is economic power based on the level of monopoly or oligopoly that Chaebol affiliates hold in the markets of their respective areas of business.
    • Google currently has the luxury of being inefficient because of its enviable position as the most powerful member of an oligopoly controlling an exploding market.
    • With limited competition, or oligopolies, the various players within a particular industry will most likely have different cost structures.
    • Industry consolidation and a trend toward market oligopoly have also marked the evolutionary paths of numerous other industries.
    • For the rest of the farming community, the future is precarious, with economic independence destroyed by market oligopolies, and by the decline in flexibility and choice which this entails.
    • Meanwhile, liberalization raised competitive intensity across the globe by eliminating existing barriers to the movement of goods and money across borders that protected the market power of national oligopolies.
    • The most profound change to occur in the television industry in the 1980s and 1990s was the rise of competition to the network oligopoly from cable programmers.
    • ManufacturingCo competes in internationalised oligopolies in its core power systems businesses.
    • By selling them, the government will be establishing essentially unregulated privately owned monopolies and oligopolies; and there are few things worse, economically speaking, than such beasts.
    • What drives our economy to switch from a period of innovation to oligopolies and lock ins?
    • An oligopoly market is dominated by a small number of sellers who provide a large share of the total market output.
    • This would be a direct challenge to the market power of established oligopolies.
    • That has made it easy for monopolies and oligopolies.
    • But without the proper rules, healthy capitalist markets turn into sluggish oligopolies, and that is what's happening in media today.
    • Mr Mosho said that commercial banks might be colluding making the market into an oligopoly with little benefit to the consumers.
    • Theoretically, Weber's method may hold for the market structures of full competition and monopoly, but in oligopolies, or competition among the few, at least a much more complicated concept of rationality seems to be warranted.
    • Anyone who knows anything about neoclassical microeconomics knows that consumers are at the mercy of privately-owned monopolies and oligopolies due to the lack of competition.
    • The company's five biggest competitors had already signed up, but this firm - the sixth company in the industry oligopoly - was resisting the opportunity.
    • In both nations, the backbone service market is an oligopoly with dominant incumbents, so we rate them even.