Translation of ombudsman in Spanish:


ombudsman del pueblo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑmbədzmən//ˈɒmbʊdzmən/


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    ombudsman del pueblo feminine
    defensor del pueblo masculine Peru Spain
    defensora del pueblo feminine Peru Spain
    defensor de los habitantes masculine Costa Rica
    defensora de los habitantes feminine Costa Rica
    procurador de los ciudadanos masculine Puerto Rico
    procuradora de los ciudadanos feminine Puerto Rico
    • But I always look at the work of the ombudsmen and the people who work in that office with a great degree of interest.
    • The ombudsman helps settle individual disputes between consumers and financial services companies.
    • Separate from the Banking Codes is the statutory Financial Services Ombudsman Service, encompassing eight previous private and public ombudsmen within the financial services sector.
    • But then the government refused to answer, leading to a complaint to the parliamentary ombudsman.
    • It can also be interpreted as part of a dangerous tendency to give judges, ombudsmen and other unelected actors authority over representative politicians.
    • The support group eventually forces an official review by the police ombudsman.
    • They are supposed to be the conscience of the government and the ombudsmen of the people.
    • In April this year, Australia's seven ombudsmen expressed public concern over the increasing number of complaints about universities.
    • All the other ombudsmen deal with staff complaints.
    • Overall, this is not a radical report, but it does go some way to meeting widely held criticisms of the ombudsmen system in the public sector.
    • Most ombudsmen and public editors in the U.S. really are dealing with very specific articles, which was of less interest to me.
    • To tackle the issue, Wang requested that the city government recruited more consumer ombudsmen to investigate such cases, noting that Taipei has only one consumer ombudsman, while Taipei County has three.
    • This culminated at the early part of this year with a complaint to the ombudsman over the Council's inaction.
    • Last year, the number of complaints to the pensions ombudsman increased by a third.
    • Two of the reports arose from investigations conducted by the Commonwealth ombudsman.
    • These failures in human communication feature in many of the complaints investigated by the ombudsman's office.
    • The appointment of an ombudsman or inspectorate does not go far enough.
    • A district council spokesman said an ombudsman's complaint had been received and a solicitor has responded.
    • Those ombudsmen or public editors should be writing weekly columns about newsroom operations, people, and decision-making.
    • I favour in-house ombudsmen to receive complaints and publish responses, and to comment more broadly on decisions of the paper in the paper.