Translation of omnipotent in Spanish:


omnipotente, adj.

Pronunciation /ɒmˈnɪpət(ə)nt//ˌɑmˈnɪpəd(ə)nt/



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    • We would submit the first has problems once one is setting up something which is intended not only to be omnipotent or sovereign but also to be permanently so.
    • The omnipotent golden arches were on it of course.
    • There he met a mysterious old man named Z who claims to have omnipotent powers.
    • An omnipotent deity who devours worlds according to Bevinne folklore.
    • I say mythical because when synced with the narrative voice over, the illustrations spring to life as though spoken by an omnipotent deity.
    • The unbelievers continue to carp about suffering and evil, and why an omnipotent, benevolent God allowed these to exist and even proliferate.
    • He gets tangled up with the disciples and Christ's robe, which seems to have its own omnipotent powers.
    • Why strive for anything if the die has been cast by the supreme and omnipotent mediator of human fortunes?
    • Beneath his shiny pate and bulbous nose is true divinity, a noble being of omnipotent powers and perceptions.
    • And that reaffirms for me the idea that beyond us all there is this great omnipotent, omnipresent power who is a force for compassion and good and order in the world.
    • Yet no one, not even the world's sole superpower, is omnipotent.
    • How does such a system of brain-washing come into being without a cruel, omnipotent dictator?
    • Candidates have been omnipotent as they vie for a place in the electorate's heart, or alternatively annoy a lot of people by plastering campus with publicity.
    • The prevalence of evil and misery has always bothered those who believe in a benevolent and omnipotent God.
    • My God, that is to say my supreme ruler, most omnipotent and the principal object of my faith, is Fate.
    • Why can this omnipotent deity forgive AFTER being crucified but not BEFORE?
    • The security guard is omnipotent, and he wields his enormous power with relish - only he can decide who gets to step inside.
    • It's difficult to work in a group when you're omnipotent.
    • And then, once you've created this omniscient, omnipotent regulatory body, what happens?
    • We are not quite omnipotent, and we cannot be ubiquitous.
    • In a golfing era where power is depressingly close to omnipotent, he bucks almost every trend.
    • The power of Hananim is considered absolute: he is almighty, omnipotent, and omniscient.
    • If the deity is omnipotent, can It produce a truly indestructible object?
    • It is the decision to forswear love in order to gain omnipotent worldly power.
    • A grown-up society would stop treating politicians as omnipotent and start directing complaints at the shadowy others who make decisions that affect us.
    • With the emphatic repetition of this line at the end of the book, the image of the omnipotent deity has been exorcized from Vallejo's poetic imagery.
    • If this isn't evidence of some omnipotent power then I don't know what is.
    • Certainly, the power of the state as omnipotent is lived out on death row.
    • The president's powers, as omnipotent as they may seem to the rest of the world, are not without democratic checks and balances at home.
    • The victors may seem particularly potent as the disparities in power are intensified, but this does not render them omnipotent in framing the post-war order.
    • Is the situation different if one shifts to a deity who is not omnipotent, omniscient, and morally perfect?
    • More recently, he has masterminded the rise and rise of the Leicester club he played for with distinction and he cites several reasons for their current omnipotent state.
    • Is the church merely updating its musical liturgy, or has it fallen victim to the nearly omnipotent power of popular culture?
    • Given that Bruce has been more than a little critical with the big guy's job performance, he's given omnipotent powers in an effort to see if he could do a better job.
    • If you ask theists why there exists an omnipotent, omniscient and benevolent god, there is no further explanation they can give.
    • More importantly, she fails - rare fallibility in a genre where the hero is normally all but omnipotent.
    • To say that there is, is to deny the idea that the Almighty is omnipotent.
    • He reached out with almost omnipotent power and smote his enemies, remaining impervious to their counterattack (only some of the minions died).
    • No one would start from the premise that the natural world reflects the will of an omnipotent designer and conclude that the designer is benevolent.
    • Next year the omnipotent Shubert Organization is expected to bring the show to Broadway…
    • How, again, can we explain the idea, held by so many religious people, that an omnipotent and benevolent God can justly condemn people to an eternity of torture?
    • Liberals writing for the omnipotent liberal media can only dream of the rewards that have come the way of a whole generation of conservatives.