Translation of on-air in Spanish:


en directo, adj.

Pronunciation ////


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    (discussion) en directo
    the programme was on air 24 hours a day el programa se transmitía / se emitía las 24 horas del día
    • you'll be on air in 15 minutes saldrá al aire en 15 minutos
    • Because he was well dressed and tanned, I took him to be an on-air person.
    • Wednesday morning started at Indie 103, a very cool station with great on-air talent.
    • The simple truth is, there is only one man alive who has ever been on-air talent for a successful film critic TV show.
    • His work, his passion for international news, his smooth and confident on-air presence all spoke for him.
    • They would pick us up at our motel to drive us to the first station of the day for an interview in an on-air acoustic performance.
    • TV3 launched its national on-air campaign with the first of a series of spot broadcasts at lunchtime yesterday.
    • The video clip of his on-air collapse remains a cherished keepsake of diehard skeptics.
    • Sure, there are days when I want to go around sticking my tongue out at the world after four hours of on-air cheeriness.
    • Noggin, American Pop and Oxygen all had fairly developed Web sites in advance of their on-air launches.
    • BBC Radio Orkney were on air until the early hours of Saturday morning, accepting donations and running the annual on-air auction.
    • He should give live, on-air interviews to talk radio hosts like Hugh Hewitt.
    • Fox will not have to pay any fines, make any on-air apology or be prevented in any way from broadcasting in Britain.
    • As part of the campaign, the company sent samples around to on-air personalities, who talked up the new flavor.
    • She supervised original productions and series, live specials and the network's on-air look.
    • Fortunately we have the boys in Minnesota keeping us updated on the on-air implosion.
    • Their on-air skills are appreciated not just by viewers but also by some stateside colleagues.
    • They charge on-air hosts with inciting hate, undermining public debate and spreading harmful lies.
    • I almost entered the green room, where guests wait for their on-air appearances, unprepared.
    • She received several awards for excellence in news reporting for her on-air reports from Lebanon.
    • His on-air antics have garnered serious cash and the attention of news outlets.