Translation of on-board in Spanish:


de a bordo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɑn ˈˌbɔ(ə)rd//ˈɒnbɔːd/


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    Aviation Nautical
    (entertainment/catering) de a bordo
    • Sightseers will be able to watch as several of the tall ships, lit with special on-board searchlights, arrive at Albert Dock on the evening tide on August 21.
    • But most of the detailed measurements were taken by her on-board submersibles Mir 1 and Mir 2.
    • Accuracy will be improved by on-board navigation systems and the ‘smart’ terminal guidance of their munitions.
    • I have touched on the dangers that hacking into on-board flight systems on aeroplanes could do.
    • Visitors will be able to sample what life was like for sailors in the 18th century with on-board displays until the ship sets sail again on June 14.
    • To make sure all these features are running smoothly, the vehicles even have on-board diagnostic systems.
    • That was more of a course correction than her on-board navigational system could handle.
    • Airlines will no longer provide steak knives for on-board food service.
    • On this occasion, despite her capable sonar system and the on-board diving team which can work to depths of up to 80 metres, the ship was unable to locate the mine.
    • Hooters Air passengers have enjoyed their on-board experience so much that they want to take a piece of their flight home with them.
    • This week, engineers shut down one of the three on-board gyroscopes, leaving the telescope to operate on only two.
    • On 8 September the craft suddenly lost its direction control and it was three minutes before the on-board gyroscopes could regain it.
    • The spin axes of the on-board gyroscopes should drift minutely if the dragging effect occurs.
    • The four on-board gyroscopes have now experienced and measured relativistic effects for eight months.
    • An on-board sky marshal detained the individual and the plane landed safely.
    • They also trigger on-board sirens or recorder warnings drawing the attention of neighboring boaters.
    • Military pilots manage complex on-board systems and have limited ability to watch for civilian traffic.
    • No self-respecting luxury car maker puts out a new model these days without a talking on-board navigation system, guided by GPS.
    • Gin palaces are readily available, with direct transfer to on-board heli-pads if you're feeling affluent.
    • Apart from numerous stowage spaces for on-board clutter there is also a second rear view mirror positioned to ensure you can keep an eye on younger charges in the rear seats.
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    • However, Mariner 9 was the first craft to carry an on-board computer allowing mission control to reload new instructions.
    • Customers are also able to develop their own software by downloading software to the on-board RAM.
    • Likewise, using the controller card versus the on-board IDE channels did not affect sustained transfer rates in any way.
    • These sounds are re-assembled from memory of the on-board storage device in the listener vehicle.
    • The board includes enough on-board I / O to satisfy many common machine or automation tasks.
    • Each end-user receives a token, a USB-based device and some on-board software.
    • This approach has the advantage of avoiding the mass and power consumption required by a high-capacity on-board computer.
    • In addition, the payload (a digital camera) interfaces with the on-board computer.
    • The Alchemy line of SoCs feature built on LCD controllers, on-board memory controllers and have been designed for low-power systems.
    • Calibration is performed via software using on-board digital potentiometers and trim D / A converters.
    • Audio facilities aren't a great improvement, and the on-board sound card can do little with the speaker set.
    • It ships with 32MB of on-board memory - though there's an add-in slot for more - USB connector and a pair of earphones.
    • Both controllers are also available as on-board chips.
    • It's not a top-of-the-range solution, but no other motherboard manufacturer currently offers a better on-board audio sub-system.
    • We have a new system with a dual-channel, on-board SCSI controller.
    • A CCD camera and on-board recorder records the image of the head-up display throughout the mission.
    • It also ships with on-board instant messaging software.
    • So why should one buy a dedicated sound card if on-board solutions provide satisfactory features?
    • This controls all the on-board peripherals such as LCD driver, IR transceiver, button reader, audio transducer and vibrator.
    • Both support Linux in firmware which boots directly at power on, along with dual on-board Ethernet controllers and remote administration.