Translation of one-dimensional in Spanish:


unidimensional, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌwəndaɪˈmɛn(t)ʃ(ə)n(ə)l//ˌwəndəˈmɛn(t)ʃ(ə)n(ə)l/


  • 1

    • And, sorry to be petty, but the right-left political model is actually one-dimensional, not two dimensional.
    • In Fig 4B, the two populations have a single one-dimensional module in common.
    • In one-dimensional Clobber, stones are arranged in a single row or column.
    • Here, the hydrocarbon chains are, on average, directed to a single one-dimensional line.
    • A lot of players are coached in the one-dimensional form.
    • We apply one-dimensional, cylindrical symmetrical mass transport equations for a single refilling vessel.
    • As latitude is the only dimension used, these are one-dimensional models.
    • Normally, a ski jump is a relatively one-dimensional technical building, laid out for a single purpose.
  • 2derogatory

    (not profound)
    (description/characters) superficial
    (characters/description) sin fondo
    (characters/description) sin profundidad
    • Unfortunately, this faux-punk foursome comes off as just as one-dimensional as their teenybopper targets.
    • They almost become one-dimensional to an extent, because they are so focused on that specific type of music that it's hard for them to branch out.
    • The strength of female characterisation is a joy - though not extended to the men, who appear merely as feckless one-dimensional sex objects.
    • The album is slightly tedious and sometimes one-dimensional.
    • The two actors have got killer pipes and the acting chops to give depth to otherwise one-dimensional characters.
    • I'd be lying if I said the album had something for everyone - it's too one-dimensional for that.
    • Sorry, but Bugs was a one-dimensional, predictable rabbit who had not a redeeming bone in his entire scrawny body.
    • He's a bit one-dimensional, but when that one dimension is scoring, it's worth a look.
    • Don't get me wrong, this record has enough hot beats and club appeal to get by, but the lyrics are just super derivative and one-dimensional.
    • But the characters are mostly one-dimensional stereotypes with little engaging depth.
    • The fact is, most batterers are not one-dimensional ogres.
    • Considering how one-dimensional the persona is he does a pretty good job of it, aided by the cast of thousands and a script with pretty good taste in bad taste.
    • There are, without doubt, as many socially one-dimensional men as there are women, but I have yet to find them in the same quantities.
    • But they serve only as one-dimensional villains or as comic relief.
    • Actually, I've just looked again, and I think it's a one-dimensional, crude word-play one-gag site.
    • It is believed that they were kept hidden from the public by Victorian scholars, so as to create a one-dimensional view of Britain's most famous naval leader.
    • But aside from the occasional wobble in his unrelenting vampirophobia, he's a bit… one-dimensional.
    • What happens as a result is you begin to see these people, not as real people, but as flat, one-dimensional type of people.
    • But we're restless people, we're never gonna be satisfied with something so one-dimensional.
    • A one-dimensional and predictable song structure spewed rock clichés at me with teenage nonchalance and abandon.