Translation of one-man in Spanish:


unipersonal, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈwən ˌmæn//ˈwʌnman/


  • 1

    (business) unipersonal
    (operation) dirigido por una sola persona
    she's a one-man woman es mujer de un solo hombre
    • The first one-man car arrived in York in 1924, complete with change-giving machine.
    • His droll manner disguises, but does not hide, an awesome dexterity and emotional delivery of his one-man set.
    • Why else would a bus stop be built out other than to stop traffic flow while it piles up behind the buses, which are one-man operated?
    • He was a one-man operation and so it was easier for him to evade scrutiny.
    • Jones' one-man show started as early as the seventh minute when he kicked Wales ahead after Scotland went over the top at a ruck.
    • He says Africa needs to move beyond the days of one-man rule, and wants Ghana to be seen as a model.
    • Phil has now put together a one-man show that pays homage to his early heroes.
    • The strain shows in the vital areas of structure and, fatally for a one-man show, performance.
    • What was once a one-man operation now has four employees and several sub-contractors.
    • A veteran of one-man shows, he has always alternated between being a painter and a sculptor and a poet.
    • He now fronts his own one-man show and has made remarkable inroads into the local scene since November.
    • As well as the pub gigs, he's on the road a lot with a great, talented performer who does one-man theatre shows.
    • It is not the one-man back room of a pub operation that characterises many comedy clubs.
    • With the kind of face only a mother could love, Pettifer, this one-man show's twitching star, looks the part.
    • Because he is nothing less than a one-man popular culture machine.
    • Joyce had little support and an even poorer supply of ball and staging a one-man comeback was a bridge too far for him.
    • He organised his fourth one-man show at Calcutta in Artistry House in the year 1956.
    • Subsequent years spent back in South Africa gave him material for his one-man shows while he continued recording.
    • I clamber into the one-man hull, perch on the edge, and the instructor hands me the main sheet and the tiller extension.
    • I am a one-man business offering a valuable service in a rural area.