Translation of one-piece in Spanish:


entero, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈˌwən ˈˌpis//ˈwʌnpiːs/


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    (swimsuit) entero
    (design/sleeve) de una sola pieza
    • I must have 5 or more one-piece bathing suits - usually a few in my car, some in my bag, one at work.
    • The men wore knee length wrap-around skirts or kilt like woollens as well as tunics, cloaks and even one-piece garments.
    • The white one-piece swimsuit she wore had been fitted with button clips - like the ones put on ski coats - at the shoulder straps and around the leg holes.
    • Kathrine wore a purple one-piece swimsuit which she was not afraid to wear.
    • Yet it seemed good enough to hand Jenny the title when packaged with the best physique on display in the one-piece swimsuit round that closes the show.
    • She was wearing a simple, one-piece white sundress held up by two, almost invisible, pastel yellow straps - the darn things kept slipping off!
    • In winter a 7mm semi-drysuit and hood is recommended, in summer a 3 or 5mm one-piece wetsuit.
    • Figure contests include a two-piece swimsuit round and a one-piece swimsuit round, with judges analyzing physiques and presentation.
    • As Lucia strode to her locker she passed a group of three girls slipping into their dark blue one-piece swimsuits.
    • Feeling very exposed and insecure, I persistently tugged on my one-piece swimsuit, hoping that it would cover more skin.
    • The Fellhotel Iso-Syote supplies all the necessary snow gear, from one-piece snow suits to thermal gloves and balaclavas.
    • She has blue pigtails and a white bikini one minute, a black bob and schoolgirl one-piece swimsuit the next.
    • The main garment is the del, a long, one-piece gown made from wool.
    • The first time I wore a one-piece swimsuit in public was on holiday. It was a hot sunny day near the pool at the hotel.
    • Meanwhile the dark-haired woman, who after all these years I still remember so vividly, wears an unbelievably sexy one-piece outfit that appears to be sewn from rags.
    • All the men wore grey one-piece suits and had turbans that completely hid their features from her vision.
    • Shrugging off that thought, she dressed in a one-piece swimsuit, covering it with a t-shirt and cut-off shorts.
    • You wear a T-shirt, but you also take a North Pole-tested one-piece snowsuit and wader-dungarees, just in case.
    • On each occasion, she said, she was wearing a terrycloth robe over a black, one-piece Speedo swimsuit.
    • The robe gapped open at the neck to reveal a bright yellow one-piece swimsuit.



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    traje de baño entero masculine
    bañador entero masculine Spain