Translation of one-way in Spanish:


de sentido único, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈwən ˈˌweɪ//wʌnˈweɪ/


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    (street) de sentido único
    • To keep blood from flowing backward, veins have built-in one-way valves that temporarily dam up the river of blood.
    • For those of you that don't know what is going on inside your body, veins, unlike arteries, contain one-way valves at intervals, which are vital for the veins to function normally.
    • This means that coffee should be packed in an airtight foil laminated bag with a one-way air valve to allow the bag to de-gas.
    • At the beginning of expiration, you tum the valve creating a one-way valve that only allows expiratory airflow.
    • Fabricius, who was fascinated by anatomy, recognised that the veins in the human body had one-way valves, but was puzzled as to their function.
    • In some cases, a chest tube can be left in for one or two days and can be attached to a one-way Heimlich valve or to a water-seal device allowing ambulation.
    • This can be done with a finger, or with a one-way speaking valve like those manufactured by Passy-Muir.
    • The flow is helped by a series of one-way valves in the veins that only allow the blood to move upwards (against gravity).
    • Enter Geoff Davey from Reflective Images - the company that produces the new wet weather ensemble - with a design for a one-way valve, the first ever in a combat boot.
    • Which is why most quality coffee now comes in bags which are flushed with an inert gas such as nitrogen to get rid of the air before sealing, and have a one-way valve that lets the carbon dioxide out without air getting in.
    • It occurs when a one-way valve mechanism is present, enabling entry of air into the pleural space and not permitting its escape.
    • The capsule admits afferent lymphatic vessels containing valves that provide one-way flow into the subcapsular sinus.
    • After the arteries deliver blood to your arms and legs, your veins channel blood back to the heart using one-way valves.
    • For example, I needed a diagram to demonstrate the concept of one-way valves in the veins of a horse's legs, so I typed in valve vein and pressed enter.
    • It is a one-way conduit for moving excess water, proteins, and molecules back into circulation.
    • Tension pneumothorax occurs when pleural damage results in a one-way valve phenomenon allowing air to enter, but not exit, the pleural space.
    • The 25-ft wide flyover is just enough for one-way vehicle movement.
    • But if outsourcing is not mentioned as a reason when call centre numbers are reduced then perhaps the drift abroad is not the inevitable one-way movement that we all feared.
    • And the Fresh Air's one-way valve honks when you exhale, emitting a sound akin to the call of an amorous sea lion.
    • There are 4 chambers, two upper and two lower, separated by one-way valves.
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    (for one journey)
    one-way or round-trip? ¿ida solo o ida y vuelta?
    • this policy is a one-way ticket to disaster esta política no conduce más que a la catástrofe
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    (not reciprocal)
    the advantages were all one-way todo favorecía a una de las partes