Translation of oneness in Spanish:


unidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwʌnnəs//ˈwən(n)əs/



  • 1

    unidad feminine
    • For North - for Maga - union extends beyond the British isles to the empire as a whole: ‘the conception of the greatness and oneness of the Empire’.
    • There are intrinsic psychic processes that determine our experience of the subject-cum-object: they can be experienced as a fused unity and oneness, or as separate and demarcated entities.
    • They face each other, and their signing, more excited than ever, turns into a ballet of arms and hands, a pantomime of two bodies groping their way toward oneness, and perhaps even a kind of secular prayer.
    • A land which has always mystified and enchanted the west with its boundless diversity yet somehow oneness.
    • In particular, Quaker tradition, with its unifying sense of humanity's spiritual oneness, had laid the cornerstone of much early pacifist campaigning.
    • It allows for the eternal individuality of all things without the loss of oneness or harmony.
    • As I've become more and more involved in social action, I see the issue of oneness and diversity not only as a primary issue in Zen practice, but perhaps as the issue in the peace-making world.
    • The universality of which I feel confident, however, is the essential oneness that underlies the diversity of life forms, and the equality and inherent worth of all dimensions of infinity.
    • It gives a sense of oneness among the Zambians because there is only one Zambia.
    • It should be noted here that even the old trade unionism of being confrontational is being discarded to a much more humane approach that encourages partnership and oneness.
    • His religion, politics, socio-economics and conduct are hinged on unity of God, oneness of humanity, truths love and compassion.
    • Vedanta allowed this sense of oneness while promoting an infinite variety and variation in religious thought.
    • It would be a sad day when we all dropped our cultural identities in favour of some kind of fused oneness.
    • The Indian attitude towards all living things grows out of the Hindu view of the unity or oneness of all life.
    • She also seeks total oneness between the dancing partners and to see the spirit of the dancers escape into the performance.
    • They all come together not under the banner of assimilation or oneness, but of coexistence.
    • Very novel for Hindus, they are beginning to assert themselves at the polls in hitherto unexpressed sense of oneness.
    • There is too - you saw it here today - a feeling of oneness as the country celebrates continuity and a stable political process.
    • They have set themselves the lofty goal of promoting oneness in the banking sector with the ultimate aim to raise funds for the vulnerable people in society.
    • Driven by a sense of beauty and oneness of the human race, the filmmaker views cinema as a vehicle to connect with all humanity.
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    identidad feminine
  • 3

    he felt a sense of oneness with the universe se sentía uno con el universo