Translation of onerous in Spanish:


pesado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɒn(ə)rəs//ˈoʊnərəs//ˈɑnərəs//ˈəʊn(ə)rəs/


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    (task) pesado
    (debt) oneroso
    an onerous financial responsibility una responsabilidad (económica) onerosa / gravosa
    • Some flags of convenience were thus able to avoid the more onerous regulations, which coastal states could do little to enforce.
    • Furthermore, to take precautions against uninvited guests was thought too onerous a burden to place on landowners.
    • The terms of the warranty in that declaration were more onerous than those in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.
    • To what extent should special rules govern the incorporation of such onerous clauses in the contract or prohibit their use completely?
    • But the new rules will place onerous responsibilities on employers.
    • Stripping out exceptionals and adjusting for onerous lease contracts, profits fell.
    • I wonder who she considers would be better equipped for this onerous task, or who would be more likely to possess the necessary wisdom of Solomon?
    • The court appreciates that this burden is onerous at this early stage of a proceeding.
    • The applicant here obviously desires bail but the grant of bail, if the appeal fails, is fairly onerous.
    • The burden is heavy if unusually wide or onerous conditions are to become part of the contract.
    • The onerous task of distributing seed potatoes to the tenantry on the Sligo estate has just been completed.
    • In it, Eggers recounted the deaths of his parents, and the lightly borne but nonetheless onerous task of bringing up his youngest brother.
    • Without vision, the process of conceptualisation can becomes an onerous task for any individual.
    • He went on to say: ‘I find it an onerous task for a child to appear in court and be tested in this way.’
    • For many chapters, meeting this obligation is neither onerous nor costly.
    • It seems likely that the net cash position will move into net debt and/or the company will be saddled with onerous lease obligations.
    • Eithne also has the onerous task of visiting groups, hospitals and the sick or anyone else that contacts her wishing to see the relic.
    • As already indicated, to make a contract that insurance should be in place is all that would be needed, and that is not a difficult or onerous duty to perform.
    • So he came wanting a really onerous agreement at the end of the conference.
    • It would be unduly onerous for the taxing authorities to ensure that there was a system in place to identify any such inconsistent treatment.
    • Immediately it alleviates the citizenry of onerous repayments on obligations issued by previous governments.
    • And it's an onerous responsibility and he made a decision in the light of the information available to him.
    • Unprofitable contracts can be ended, and property burdened with onerous obligations disowned.
    • Both of them, not known to shirk work, have taken upon themselves the onerous task of touring Europe to market Kerala.
    • Not an onerous responsibility, or an unreasonable imposition, it seems to me.
    • He says the Birds Australia Council decided that the management task was too onerous for volunteers.
    • Which means I'll have to resume the onerous task of sending regular e-mail.
    • The government must take on the onerous task of social engineering.
    • The argument was that the scheme is so oppressive and onerous because it infringes the Applicant's right to work and to respect for his privacy.
    • The specifics of the onerous terms of release were not apparent in the unreported decision.
    • Thus his liability under the lease could become even more onerous, without his knowledge or consent.
    • The renewal agreement as to the mortgage signed by the Yoos was such that the repayment terms were less onerous.
    • Occupiers are going to become more aware of onerous lease terms.
    • And, one thing that I didn't mention before is that BA have given me another onerous task.
    • First they had the onerous task of rearranging the furniture.
    • Since 1994, the Foundation has taken on the onerous task when little or no help was available.
    • No wonder we cannot find staff for such onerous tasks, the stress day in day out must be disastrous on their health.
    • The free trade area is the least onerous in terms of involvement.
    • This is an onerous responsibility, a responsibility which cannot be achieved by the notion that might is right.
    • A leading Scottish businesswoman has the onerous task of finding a buyer for the beleaguered Millennium Dome in London.