Translation of only in Spanish:


solo, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈoʊnli//ˈəʊnli/


  • 1

    (merely, no more than)
    I've only worn it once me lo he puesto solamente una vez
    • are you going already? it's only nine ¿ya te vas? son solo las nueve / no son más que las nueve / son apenas las nueve
    • you'll only make matters worse lo único que vas a lograr es empeorar las cosas
    • you only have / have only to ask no tienes más que pedir
    • I'm only doing my job solo estoy cumpliendo con mi trabajo
    • I was only joking! ¡te lo decía en broma!
    • we rushed back, only to find that they had already gone volvimos corriendo y nos encontramos con que ya se habían ido
    • We are a small special school and a decline in only a small number of children can affect the budget.
    • Most jobs were only one or two hours and she was expected to drive her own car between them.
    • As a group, the San have declined in numbers and only a very few now live in the Kalahari.
    • However do you expect to r-run an operation as c-complex as this with only a staff of seven?
    • Is there a danger we could expect too much of what is, after all, only a five-day event?
    • The Spanish figure of only 100 is hardly credible and should be the stuff of scandal.
    • One of the animals shot was a lamb that was only three hours old, along with cows that were in calf.
    • But this does not imply that the track sprinter can get by with training only a few days a week.
    • Until the 1930s, the life expectancy of a baby with the disease was only a few months.
    • Kenneth is only 17 and was hardly made for the job of shadowing one as elusive as Bellamy.
    • He was born with a congenital heart defect which meant he had only half a heart.
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    only a madman would attempt it solo / solamente / únicamente un loco lo intentaría
    • only you and I know the truth tú y yo somos los únicos que sabemos la verdad
    • [ S ]staff only solo personal autorizado
    • In two of the cases, he had never met them and in the other had met the girl only once.
    • Working on this is something that happens only once in an archaeologist's lifetime.
    • I am allowed to get properly drunk once a week but only on a Friday or Saturday.
    • He made the surprising admission, once known only to the cognoscenti, that he was a lawyer.
    • If people must have fireworks then they should only be for properly organised displays.
    • I've only worn them out once - but I have been known to slip them on to do the hoovering.
    • Once only a few precious Yuppies had cellphones, now every burglar has at least one mobile.
    • He has only been to Scotland once before, but to play golf rather than football.
    • It is the only one solely dedicated to finding the cause and cure of all kinds of arthritis.
    • What was she doing dreaming about a female blogger whose eyes she had only seen once?
    • Some companies, sticking to the rule book, only give notice once every three years.
    • There was no way of removing the feet at the end of the day without damaging them and so each pair could only be used once.
    • You really fancy this girl and you know she has a boyfriend, but you have only met him once or twice.
    • They are huge missiles that should only be used in properly managed public displays.
    • So maybe it's just fine that we peek out of English and into the rest of the world only once a year or so.
    • Christopher has been to York only once before, ironically when he had another injury.
    • This is just their sixth ever meeting and only once has a match consisted of less then three goals.
    • She says they have only met once since, to try to sort out the divorce arrangements.
    • Lord Lansdowne said the estate has only covered its losses once in the past 13 years.
    • Besides, most people only hold two cards at any one time so why impose a limit at all.
  • 3

    (no earlier than)
    recién Latin America
    only then did I learn the truth recién entonces me enteré de la verdad Latin America
    • This was discovered only a fortnight ago by Milngavie Primary School near Glasgow.
    • The museum itself is built right on the site of a Viking settlement, discovered only a few years ago.
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    (no longer ago than)
    it seems like only yesterday parece que fue ayer
    • only last week the very same problem came up la semana pasada, sin ir más lejos, surgió el mismo problema


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    she's an only child es hija única
    • my only regret is that … lo único que siento es que …
    • the only remaining possibility la única posibilidad que queda
    • the only possible course of action la única vía de acción posible
    • you're the only person who knows eres la única persona / el único que lo sabe



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    I'd like to, only I'm very busy me gustaría, pero / lo que pasa es que estoy muy ocupado