Translation of onward in Spanish:


hacia adelante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɒnwəd//ˈɑnwərd//ˈɔnwərd/


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    hacia adelante
    the onward march of time el avance inexorable del tiempo
    • The riders will enjoy a breakfast provided by Pendle Council before they are bidden a safe onward journey to Ingleton.
    • Nothing could stop the onward march of history.
    • Several airports closed, leaving crews and jets out of position for onward journeys.
    • During the onward journey to Hong Kong, many players fell ill due to the rough weather.
    • Leaders from African countries flew into Prestwick airport at Ayrshire in the morning for an onward journey to Gleneagles, in contrast with the transport chaos in London.
    • They were transferred to another ambulance for the onward journey.
    • Silly me, nothing must get in the way of the onward march of gadgetry or, in this case, the conversion of the car into a wheeled replica of the home.
    • Networks of overseas Chinese, many from Fuji, organise the onward passage, often through Guatemala and Mexico to the USA.
    • Is the will so powerful as to counter the onward march of something inevitable?
    • It was waiting for the onward journey with the train - in a locker.
    • Few will feel the pressure more than the two quarterbacks charged with securing safe onward passage.
    • Is this a good or a bad thing, the onward march of English?
    • In this case, the philosophy is that gadgets are cool and a positive sign of the onward march of civilization.
    • The actor now vows to be more selective and cautious in his onward journey.
    • He said vegetables like carrot and tomato would be packed and processed in the plant for onward shipment to international market.
    • The deepest water was thigh deep, but we eventually came to a point where a mini rapids over some boulders and a couple fallen tree branches blocked the onward journey.
    • The goal is to whisk containers away from the congested port areas to inland yards, where they can be sorted for their onward journeys.
    • Who will face the onward march of science in its full cry?
    • The trip begins by coach from local pick-up points to Harwich for the ferry crossing to the Hook of Holland and the onward journey to Amsterdam.
    • The Delphin, which docked in Cape Town yesterday, will set sail from Port Elizabeth and spend a day here before her onward journey to Durban.


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    (hacia) adelante
    time moves relentlessly onward el tiempo avanza inexorablemente
    • from now/today onward a partir de ahora/hoy
    • the party is from eight o'clock onward la fiesta es de las ocho en adelante
    • as exclamation onward! ¡adelante!
    • Republicans would say they pushed back in '69 and then pushed forward from 1981 onwards.
    • Under principal Mr Ed Boyd, communications technology takes off and becomes a major focus from 1992 onwards.
    • It is picking yourself up when you stumble and continuing onward.
    • Martin added the conversions and a drop goal to send Tigers onward and upward to winning everything they have entered this unbeaten season.
    • On the back of rising productivity, more routes and better service they would be delivering it - driving the share price onward and upward to their own enrichment.
    • They are offering a one-time increase of 8.5 per cent from July onwards.
    • He didn't even look back at her, but continued onward.
    • It was that same unquenchable thirst for knowledge which had propelled Mecha out of the night of an earlier, smaller existence onward and upward to a brighter future.
    • But the change, which has to do with the existence of a group with a similar name, does indicate a move onward and upward, so power to the group formerly known as Treason.
    • I've also noticed that in a business where many practitioners are looking to move onward and upward, people on the editorial pages usually seem to have arrived.
    • They continued onwards, drawing ever closer to the jagged black peaks ahead.
    • Roberts noticed the tracers streaming upward, but was able to continue onward and land at Hickam even though his left wing was streaming gasoline.
    • From 1988 onwards the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education Dehradun has been in charge of the museum.
    • We continued onward among the fields, brown at this time of year.
    • After their initial success, they found it difficult to move onwards and upwards, and eventually the band disintegrated.
    • Today I went back and read chapters 2 and 3, and will likely spend most of the rest of the day continuing onward.
    • So, my life at this point seems to be heading onward and upward, and for once, I know where I'm going.
    • She could give up and stay at home on benefits or move onward and upward.
    • Sometimes it is naive to assume that the march is onward and upward.
    • From 1969 onward he was associated with the Navy's acquisitions from the Soviet Union.
    • Next I looked at a dry passage where a climb out of the streamway led to a small chamber with a passage continuing onwards.
    • I've been progressing fitfully, onwards and upwards through September, both physically and spiritually.
    • I've now mastered most of what makes my job challenging, but I have no ambition to move onward and upward into anything more managerial or corporate.
    • When he loses hope of successfully executing his grand design, she pushes him onward because she now has a stake in the painting, too.
    • From 4.20 pm onwards the workshop will include Quickstep, Foxtrot, Jive and Old Time Dances.
    • The journey continued onwards without much more being spoken as William soon slipped into a deep sleep induced by the claret.
    • One round from this could obliterate half the head of anyone of you and still have enough forward motion to continue onward for another 50 feet.
    • From 1887 onward political associations and societies burst forth all over Spain.
    • Normally, the ball would have been transferred onwards but this most industrious of players, saw a gap ahead and ploughed onwards, all the way to the line.
    • The arts and crafts must be submitted on the previous day and the mart will be open from 2 o'clock onwards on Saturday to accept these.
    • Set one foot, then, in front of the other, and take no moment to look back, but continue - onward.
    • From the 2012 bid process onwards, the host city chosen to host the Olympic Games will be obliged to also host the Paralympics.
    • Letting go of his weapon, the momentum carried him onwards and he hit the ground, sinking into a forward roll before smoothly regaining his feet.
    • Here in York, Lauren Hood and Nick Holbek cherish hopes of progressing to stage school and onwards into profession.
    • After standing and watching a while, we continue onwards, and climb up this sandy cliff wall, up and out of the crater.
    • Professors should be Platonic Buffalo Bills, herding students onward and upward.
    • In women who are at higher risk, one's doctor may advocate mammographic surveillance usually from age 35 onwards.
    • And from the French revolution onwards, Leftists everywhere have always been a violent and aggressive lot.
    • The response is generally higher from St. Patrick's Day onwards.
    • I apologize, maybe one day I'll fix them, but until then: onward and upward!
    • All the groundwork that had been laid from the late '50s onwards seemed to be synthesized by Thomson's magnum opus.
    • Mindful of the miles ahead, I pushed onwards and upwards into Dalby Forest.
    • They continued onwards, until they could see a large building ahead of them.
    • When I think about what my grandparents went through, I have to succeed, to press onward and upward.
    • But I'm an optimist and I can see how much progress has been made in the past 25 years so I'm hoping we can continue to move onward and upward.
    • She closed her eyes as the carriage continued onwards into the late night.
    • When all was still and silent, she continued onwards despite her weariness and the bitter cold.
    • The word to me implies a journey that is onward and upward.
    • From the age of sixty onwards, grandfather lost interest in most things that were not related to bee-keeping and the planting of trees.
    • This somewhat fazed him but he continued onwards.
    • From our viewpoint, we must put a disappointing weekend behind us and hopefully from now on it will be onward and upward.
    • On Tuesday the 22nd of June, there is Music in the Sciobol from 6pm onwards.
    • He changed his name to John Top-Gear by deed poll but the results didn't come so he moved onward and upward again.
    • Reports flooded in from 1999 onwards from the East and West Coast.
    • Consequently from 1959 onwards Menzies again had a Senate majority.
    • This was in the early part of the 20th century, and from the fifties onwards that land became filled up with community facilities.
    • We continued onwards, running from one piece of cover to the next while the machine gun chewed through belts of ammunition.
    • He continued onwards, leaving the smoke behind, and after two hours he stopped at a triangle of succulent trees.
    • Tickets can be purchased from the end of November onwards.
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