Translation of onyx in Spanish:


ónix, n.

Pronunciation /ˈəʊnɪks//ˈɔnɪks//ˈɑnɪks//ˈɒnɪks/


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    ónix masculine
    • His copy was plated in nickel, with a long smoke-like design of inlaid onyx along the right side of the barrel, and a carved wooden grip.
    • I'm no expert, but it doesn't look like onyx - rather it has that lava glass look that I equate with obsidian.
    • Most of them were common gems - rubies, diamonds, onyxes, sapphires, emeralds, topazes, and so on, and were used to supplement Elements and Talents.
    • Her pale green suit is adorned by an ornate marcasite and onyx broach.
    • The possibilities were endless: rubies, emeralds, sapphires and black onyx.
    • Onyx, especially black onyx is said to help overcome hearing problems and to promote concentration and self-control.
    • In the center, there are either jade, pearl or onyx pieces depending on the value.
    • I should stock up one jade, rubies, onyx, malachite, and diamonds.
    • The onyx and diamond one belonged to my grandmother and the star sapphire was my father's, but the others are all from Swallow.
    • He took her hand in his own, his thumb turning the carnelian and onyx signet ring she wore.
    • The hilt was made of a stone that looked a lot like onyx mixed with diamond.
    • It included three stones - diamonds, sapphires, and onyx, set into a gold band.
    • Both were of ivory and the brush was set with pink shell, onyx and jade.
    • The council sat silently while he passed out an onyx and an opal to every one.
    • A good substitute for the apache tear is black tourmaline and black onyx.
    • Morning light streams in through a thinly sliced piece of Indian onyx set in the east wall, in the unrendered concrete carapace.
    • Both pool and onyx are on a travertine block that the architect calls ‘an altar where burial occurs’.
    • Its hilt was decorated with beryl and onyx, adorned with gold trimmings.
    • Objects are also carved out of onyx, jade, and other types of stone.
    • The bathroom also had a gold tub and faucets studded with turquoises, while the staircase was made of onyx.