Translation of oomph in Spanish:


Pronunciation /uːmf//ʊmf//umf//ʊmf/



  • 1

    she's got a lot of oomph es una mujer llena de vida
    • this dressing gives your salad a bit more oomph este aliño realza el sabor de su ensalada
    • The Students were driving me mad with their lack of umph and not being able to take control of situations.
    • But a row that was once as passionate as it was petty seems to have lost its oomph.
    • I won't be buying one; it looks the part but there's no oomph.
    • In this spirit, he decided long ago to place his oomph behind a world-class park.
    • Perhaps the expectations are too high, but I wanted a little more oomph.
    • And in fifth gear it simply didn't have enough oomph to overcome gravity.
    • Although confidence could not have been a problem, the Knights seemed to lack the drive and desire they had shown in those two previous games and, after being put on the back foot, they did not have the necessary umph to turn it round.
    • It's great to have such lofty goals, girl, but it'll take some extra oomph.
    • Sounds prestigious, even if it's a friendly between teams who are not best known for over-exertion when there's no competitive oomph.
    • It's nearly a year now since I started the dance series and I need some extra oomph at the moment to push it on a bit.
    • It was a novelty to not have a front seat, but the car had lost all of its umph.
    • For maximum oomph, lift two-inch sections of hair and spray at the roots.
    • If you've decided you want to add a little, um, oomph, please, don't overdo it.
    • There's also enough oomph in them to push the water up roof overhangs and second-story windows.
    • They had a big choir, which delivered bags of much-needed umph to the performance of Vierne's Messe Solennelle.
    • The new one lacks the in your face tongue in cheek oomph.
    • Thicker padding gives extra oomph while the underwire supports and lifts.
    • However, once the rehearsals started, my umph quickly fizzled.
    • Then real actresses could return to movie screens so audiences could have what they crave - good old sexual oomph.