Translation of open-mouthed in Spanish:


boquiabierto, adj.

Pronunciation /əʊp(ə)nˈmaʊðd//ˈˌoʊpən ˈˌmaʊðd/


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    • Elissa's mouth was dry, and she stared open-mouthed at the paper, hardly believing her eyes.
    • At the sight of our caravan of motor vehicles, the locals along the road stopped work and gazed open-mouthed in surprise and amusement.
    • He strained against his captors who were shocked and stared at each other open-mouthed.
    • Some stare in open-mouthed curiosity, others dart in and out furtively under the cover of night, she said.
    • Jack, who was hiding outside, and I began to laugh so hard that Mom stared at us open-mouthed.
    • By the end of it, Gabe was staring at me in open-mouthed shock and Isaiah was sitting there, sighing.
    • No, I was more interested in staring open-mouthed and horrified at the person standing in the doorway to the den.
    • He could not help but stare in open-mouthed shock, unable to grasp what his eyes told him.
    • This was evidently a shock; there were gasps and open-mouthed stares all round, and then, of course, it was too late.
    • Yet the tourists' open-mouthed stares did not trouble the good folk of Marken.
    • Lena simply stared at him across the table, open-mouthed, speechless, to say the least.
    • I totally lost track of the story because once again, I sat open-mouthed and staring at the perpetrators.
    • When he got to the bottom of the stairs and saw what they were doing, he stopped in open-mouthed astonishment.
    • I stared open-mouthed at her, amazed and touched by her level of commitment to me.
    • I just stared at him in open-mouthed shock, then started laughing at him.
    • He stood there, open-mouthed, surprised that she was leaving.
    • Robyn stared open-mouthed; Bob was equally surprised, although he only expressed it by raising his eyebrows.
    • Any triumphalism, filtered through the eyes of a child, is open-mouthed in its surprise and gratitude.
    • I walked off with her, leaving James staring at me open-mouthed.
    • Adam was speechless, resigned to staring open-mouthed at the basketball in his hands.