Translation of open-necked in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈˌoʊpən ˈˌnɛkt//əʊp(ə)nˈnɛkt/


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    he was wearing an open-necked shirt llevaba una camisa desabotonada / desabrochada en el cuello
    • Later that evening, Charles - dressed in a garish, black-and-gold-checked jacket resembling a chess board, black trousers and a silky, open-necked shirt - comes on stage to a standing ovation.
    • The figure wearing dark suit, open-necked shirt and stubble, sheltering beneath an umbrella from the torrential rain outside a London cinema, could hardly look more glum.
    • He popped up out of nowhere, a surprisingly small man in a shabby brown leather jacket, cream trousers and an open-necked shirt.
    • Some of the other diners were wearing sport coats and open-necked shirts, but I didn't think the atmosphere necessarily called for the formality of a jacket and tie.
    • But 29-year-old David drew criticism for his ripped jeans and scuffed boots which he wore with an open-necked shirt and dinner jacket.
    • The groom went for a casual look with white suit and open-necked shirt.
    • Set into the center of his sinewy throat, just below the collar of his open-necked shirt, is a plastic breathing device about two inches in diameter.
    • Dressed in light blue jeans, dark blue blazer and white, open-necked shirt, he spoke to confirm his name and date of birth.
    • But the presence of the soccer great was soon forgotten when the main man arrived on stage, dressed in his trademark black suit, open-necked shirt and gold medallion.
    • The leather jacket and jeans are gone; now it's a sharp suit and open-necked shirt.
    • A portrait of the prince in a sweater and open-necked shirt features on the reverse of the commemorative £5 coin, which also displays his coat of arms.
    • It's easy to imagine him presiding over a high-powered business meetings - he owned 13 companies at the last count - in jeans and open-necked shirt.
    • Visitors dressed in straw boaters were entertained by various attractions, not least the upbeat swing of the Mainline Jazz band, kitted out in waistcoats and open-necked shirts.
    • Grinning broadly, tanned, handsome, he wore a white open-necked shirt and a windcheater embroidered with the numbers of the propositions he wanted to defeat, crossed through like road signs.
    • The familiar sight of the soldiers in their traditional baggy trousers, cummerbunds and open-necked, collared shirts now bending over my pictures pleased me greatly.
    • Outtrim, the Internet prodigy who cut the code for Hotdog in his loungeroom, was photographed in jeans, open-necked shirt and reversed baseball cap, the quintessential Web geek.
    • But in Indonesia there were piles of goods, from dress shirts and open-necked shirts to leather shoes, clothing to be envied at home in Japan.
    • As soon as you see Stu, strutting down the sidewalk, wearing an open-necked shirt and slick sunglasses, you think you know something about him.
    • Today he has arrived at work in an open-necked shirt, blue jeans and suede shoes; there is something of the bohemian about him, and something of the toff.
    • Photographs taken at the airport showed him wearing light trousers and an open-necked shirt, his hands handcuffed, being escorted away by police.