Translation of open-pit in Spanish:


a cielo abierto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈoʊpən pɪt///



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    a cielo abierto
    a tajo abierto Andes
    • This ‘up-scaling’ is generally accommodated easily in open-pit mines, but in underground workings the creation of large caverns brings with it problems of rock mechanics and increased risk of instability.
    • By adding lands formerly administered by the Bureau of Land Management, the California Desert Protection Act expanded the boundary of Joshua Tree National Park toward the rim of an inactive open-pit iron mine.
    • GPS also is being used in another important safety-of-life service: monitoring the stability of landforms such as open-pit mines, the flanks of dormant volcanoes, and areas prone to landslides.
    • The Trend's first open-pit mine came in 1965, but it was the steep rise of gold prices in the 1980s and the introduction of cyanide heap-leaching that made mining such low-grade ore profitable.
    • The firms were part of a large group of mining firms operating in protected forests that froze their operations following the enactment of new forestry legislation in 1999, which banned open-pit mining in those areas.
    • When scientists hunt for dinosaur tracks they look for areas where ancient layers of sedimentary rock are exposed, such as cliffs, sea coasts, quarries, open-pit mines, desert arroyos, and along the banks of rivers and streams.
    • This was very exciting because I knew that if an open-pit mine was developed in this district, tremendous new exposures would be made and wonderful specimens of crystallized gold might begin to appear.
    • The copper and molybdenum open-pit mine started operating in 1957 and is 2 mi. across from east to west and 1.5 mi. across from north to south.
    • The Marquette iron range, which has hosted more than 240 mines since its beginning in 1845, now features only two open-pit taconite mines.
    • The Galactic Mining Company, Vancouver, British Columbia, had secured a permit for a massive expansion of its open-pit mine which would gobble up the quarry.
    • In an effort to convert copper rock into quick cash, he tried to open-pit mine the lode to extract ore as fast as possible.
    • The Western Shoshone, whose traditional domain covers most of Nevada, are the unhappy hosts to more than three dozen open-pit gold mines on their land, many at least a mile wide and a mile deep, with toxic ponds at the bottom.
    • Chicago-based Oil-Dri Corporation of America, the world's largest producer of cat litter, has been fighting for several years to develop two open-pit clay mines on Bureau of Land Management property ten miles north of downtown Reno.
    • But the construction of the world's largest open-pit mine resulted in the displacement of people as land, including farms, was grabbed from the local population.
    • Between 48 and 116 people will be needed for three years to work on open-pit mining, while another 48 people will work for two years in underground mining.
    • Additional drilling at the site of the proposed open-pit mine allowed the company to increase its estimates to roughly 26 tons of gold, it said in a statement.
    • The firms were part of a large group of mining companies forced to suspend operations following the enactment of a new forestry law in 1999 that banned open-pit mining in protected areas.
    • Toronto council votes to send 1.3-million tonnes of garbage to an abandoned open-pit mine near Kirkland Lake in Ontario's north, population 10,000.
    • Production peaked here about the turn of the century but continued into the 1970s; after a short lapse it has resumed with open-pit mining of low-grade ores.
    • It requires no open-pit mines, and the task of keeping the public from seeing the true environmental costs of methane, and what a meager source of energy it is, has gone pretty well so far.