Translation of open season in Spanish:

open season

temporada de caza, n.



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    temporada de caza feminine
    the open season has started se ha abierto la temporada de caza
    • to declare open season on sth/sb declararle la guerra a muerte a algo/algn
    • Bluewings accounted for the bulk of birds taken, with Peach Point hunters taking about 15 mottled ducks during the brief open season.
    • Further, the Commission recommended not only an annual close season but also a weekly close time during the open season.
    • The superintendent determines the areas where hunting occurs and the Commonwealth determines the open season.
    • Until the late 1920s millions of koalas were killed for their fur; in August 1927 alone, the last open season for koala hunting, more than half a million were killed in Queensland.
    • Throughout the United States governmental agencies regulate hunting in regard to methods used to hunt these birds, the open season, and bag limits.
    • It could be open season for poachers at the region's beaches if a Ministry of Fisheries decision to halve policing is approved.
    • Often, I do a month-long camp in northern Wyoming where elk, deer, and other big game are open season - as well as wild turkeys.
    • Is there an open season right there, or do the customers have to drive to go turkey hunting?
    • It's open season again and time for the annual buck hunt!
    • The Deer Commission is on dangerous ground in calling for abolition of the closed season for stalking stags and extending the open season for shooting hinds.
    • However, the open season for brown trout doesn't start until March 22 on rivers from the Tees northwards and March 25 for rivers south of the Tees.
    • Closed seasons themselves will not actually prevent a population decline unless culling levels are quite low even during the open season.