Translation of openhanded in Spanish:


a manos llenas, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌoʊpənˈhændəd///


  • 1

    (generosity) a manos llenas
    (gesture) generoso
    • After the Argentinian invasion of the Falklands, US assistance for its British ally was far from instant or open-handed.
    • Armed with this knowledge that the museum is such an open-handed lender, I intend to drop by sometime myself to see what's on offer.
    • If, like me, you live and work in a big city, you may at first mistrust their open-handed friendliness.
    • Rich though he was, he had never been open-handed; but nothing was too fine for his wife, in the way of silks or gems or linen, or whatever else she fancied.
    • The construction industry is one of the biggest and most open-handed lobbyists in Japan, and dozens of politicians rely on its money for their re-election funds.
    • Instead, he has had to stage impromptu press conferences to cope with a growing unease about how he would honour all the promissory notes he has been issuing in open-handed Texas style.
    • Both these patriarchs fathered large families from a number of wives, both were intimately involved with the holy sanctuary of the Kaaba at Mecca and both were renowned for the open-handed generosity with which they cared for pilgrims.
    • We have been pretty open-handed now in facilitating the development of Chinese technology even for military purposes.
    • The Viswarupa Darshan of Lord Krishna is marvellously brought out in the open-handed use of hushed but powerful tones of red, yellow, black and white.
    • That seems appropriate for a man who was, by all accounts, as quirky, gentle, open-handed, and sweet-tempered as his music.
    • I would also like to thank Tim Barnett for his chairing, which was both fair and open-handed in its approach.
    • The more of it they produce, the greater will be society's admiration for them and the more open-handed will be the attitude of policymakers and taxpayers regarding their compensation.
    • The King's open-handed attitude to royal display also partly accounts for the style of masque costumes because, although he did not perform in masques himself, lavish expenditure on his clothes set a precedent at court.
    • I love our open-handed freedom, our democracy, our maverick humour and unflustered sense of a fair go.
    • It may already be too late to take the more open-handed British approach, and for reasons of self-preservation they may need to adopt an uncharacteristically guarded stance.
    • And this open-handed warmth equally encompasses the friendly, obliging ship's crew.
    • However, a participation rate of 100 percent is unrealistic, given that participation rates for even the most open-handed European programs are well below this maximum.
    • You are very open-handed in your aim to help your fellow man.
    • The same open-handed policy applied to gooseberries which grew plentifully where I lived; but not to strawberries or plums, which were private property.