Translation of opera in Spanish:


ópera, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑp(ə)rə//ˈɒp(ə)rə/


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    ópera feminine
    (singer/company) (before noun) de ópera
    grand opera gran ópera
    • It's a mystery, and it seems to happen every time Boulez gets involved with opera.
    • Verdi mavens and lovers of opera in general will surely want this fine recording.
    • This allowed him to listen to opera and classical music as he read books about nature.
    • Theatre and opera were bounded by the physical limitations of scenery and props.
    • By contrast, the outer panels of the triptych are closer to the world of opera than that of oratorio.
    • It helps explain why opera and musical theatre are the two largest growing public art forms.
    • Here, he takes a surrealist text and puts it in the dramatic context of early Baroque opera.
    • There are many people who are very used to listening to opera, classical music, world music, and pop in languages other than their own.
    • He has also designed extensively for theatre, opera, Broadway musicals, and film.
    • In this respect, the piece is operatic and, like opera, is sometimes exaggerated and campy.
    • This work has all the lyrical beauty we associate with the more traditional type of opera.
    • Outside medicine she loved the arts and literature and particularly classical music and opera.
    • The opera has been around China for more than 400 years, impacting many other genres of folk opera.
    • Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, musical theatre and opera were bitter, resentful enemies.
    • Are we going to take the narrow view which sees Scottish Opera as an oxymoron, and opera and classical music as not really Scottish?
    • You might not think of St. Louis, Missouri, as a place to go to see opera in the summer.
    • It was a fitting tribute to a man whose love of the arts, especially fine art, classical music and opera, is one of his great passions.
    • She is familiar with all styles of singing, from opera, to musical theatre oration and cabaret.
    • In the last few years London has seen a variety of operatic styles in contemporary opera.
    • Suddenly, he found out that singing opera was a lot more fun than singing pop.