Translation of operating table in Spanish:

operating table

mesa de operaciones, n.



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    mesa de operaciones feminine
    • In the operating theatre, lying comfortably on the operating table, the local anaesthetic injections are given into the skin on both sides of the scrotum.
    • At this point the consultant got up and, without diverting his gaze, walked straight past me to the operating table.
    • To prevent pressure sores, the operating table was covered with silicon jelly pads.
    • An operating list should stop if a patient dies on the operating table, and the surgeon should not operate for the rest of that day.
    • After implantation of the sensor, each subject was seated on the exercise bench, which was attached to the operating table.
    • The arms were positioned along the body on the operating table.
    • His patient jumped from the operating table, pulled up his trousers and fled, never to be seen again.
    • In this technique, the patient is placed supine on the operating table and general anesthesia is induced.
    • The ISA agent, content with his work, took a seat after he had strapped the patient to the operating table.
    • But the amount of time patients are actually being treated on operating tables has barely changed with theatres being used for an average of just 27 hours a week, compared to 26 hours in 2004.
    • Every hundredth patient dies on the operating table, and unpleasant side effects kill and bring much suffering to others.
    • Hydrogen and methane are highly flammable, which has led to some tragic accidents on the operating table.
    • The procedure begins by placing the patient on the operating table in supine position.
    • Shame doesn't begin to represent the experience of lying on an operating table surrounded by nurses, your nethers exposed, and tears in your eyes.
    • If possible, the site of the operation should be positioned lower than the level of the heart, by repositioning the patient or tilting the operating table.
    • His relief failed to arrive and he eventually had to be dragged away from the operating table exhausted.
    • Part of the patient's heart was punctured, and she died on the operating table.
    • During the surgery the patient died on the operating table.
    • The Regents' elegant dining room table served as an operating table for the two Thai doctors who worked for hours repairing our injuries.
    • He told me that he had a bad feeling about the surgery and said that he was afraid that he would die on the operating table.