Translation of operator in Spanish:


operador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɒpəreɪtə//ˈɑpəˌreɪdər/


  • 1

    • 1.1Telecommunications

      operador masculine
      operadora feminine
      telephone/switchboard operator operador masculine
      • They served as clerks and couriers, telephone and telegraph operators, code and cipher analysts, and spies behind enemy lines in Europe.
      • Lonesome tells the story of a punch-press operator named Jim and a telephone switchboard operator named Mary who are desperately lonely, and then meet by chance during a holiday at Coney Island.
      • Come on, there used to be ticket takers at the ferries, actual bank tellers for withdrawing money and a switchboard operator to assist you with making telephone calls.
      • The journey from the old days of the switchboard operator has certainly been a remarkable one.
      • The protective services department and the telephone switchboard operators also were notified.
      • She runs seminars for IT and communications companies, working with staff who use the telephone a lot, such as switchboard operators, customer services teams and senior managers.
      • I tried to phone you about 10 minutes ago to be told by your switchboard operator that there is no-one there by that name.
      • When she met the Respondent in 1982, she was working as a switchboard operator, a job she began sometime in 1979-1980.
      • There used to be a lot of more telephone switchboard operators around also, but technology made that job obsolete.
      • He began to write while earning his living as a translator, caretaker, switchboard operator, editor, and cook on an oil tanker.
      • Allegedly due to the arrogance and impatience of the male operators, telephone exchanges initially got lousy ratings for customer service.
      • The theatre's switchboard operator re-routed his call.
      • He is also accused of telling a police switchboard operator, who'd recently been diagnosed with cancer, that he hoped she caught the disease.
      • What became of the traditional switchboard operator?
      • There are others who get their jollies by insulting switchboard operators, receptionists and secretaries.
      • Suki started work at 16 as a post girl before becoming a switchboard operator and moving into the mobile phone market, and then moved on to broking deals which led to her doing her own thing and founding CCL.
      • Shortly after, when her telephone call for help is ignored by a gossiping switchboard operator, she meets her own end, on the blade of a bayonet.
      • Colonel Dumoulin compares them to highly trained switchboard operators.
      • This year marks the end of an era in York as telephone exchange operators prepare to answer their last calls.
      • She began to study singing relatively late, at the age of 25, having been a telephone switchboard operator.

    • 1.2(of equipment)

      operario masculine
      operaria feminine
      Computing operador masculine
      Computing operadora feminine
      the machine operator el maquinista
      • He was a radio telephone operator, grenadier and machine gun operator.
      • Takoonagak, a heavy equipment operator who was one of two workers picked randomly from several eligible candidates, said he managed to win by following a few simple rules.
      • The 20-year old recounts the all-too familiar story of a friend of his who moved west to become a heavy equipment operator.
      • The Inuit working there were mainly already trained heavy equipment operators and labourers, so I can't say that the mine left a legacy of trained workers.
      • Initially a driver and radio operator, he became a paratrooper and later served in Palestine.
      • Pilot and copilot, flight engineer and radio operator sit in the forward upper portion.
      • Another poignant shot captures the delight of machine operator Fritz Hummel after hearing by radio of the birth of his first son.
      • In such cases, the disease can be very dangerous for machine operators and drivers.
      • She explains they are grateful her husband is working but they hope he will eventually be able to return to his career as a heavy equipment operator.
      • Bernie, 38, works as a machine operator, printer, for Corenso UK and Andrew, 41, is a maintenance engineer for Tescos.
      • Trenches are especially hazardous for workers because the lines of sight with equipment operators are obscured.
      • This includes a radio operator, light and heavy machine gun operators, and at least a lieutenant or two who bark out orders for the platoon to follow.
      • He went on to get his GED and is now a heavy equipment operator.
      • There are cooks, office staff, engineers, equipment operators, mechanics, welders, bosses, planners and many more jobs available at a mine.
      • The program he took is dual-purpose: to train construction equipment operators and technicians.
      • Other than equipment operators, most unions actually face competition.
      • Machinery operators need to be vigilant and take their time when operating machinery.
      • In this case there were many executives called as witnesses but persons such as equipment operators and mechanics with direct knowledge of the facts were not called.
      • So Griffin works as a machine operator at civil engineering company Westmode in Swindon.
      • The police immediately obtained the relevant closed circuit television films of the users from the machine operators.

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    • 2.1(company)

      empresa feminine
      compañía feminine
      • Obviously such a situation would have translated into losses to the fishing industry as well as to other business operators.
      • The operative mode of the marketing system allows farmers to deposit their produce with a warehouse operator certified by the agency and is issued with the EWR.
      • During 1995-7 all passenger services were franchised to private sector operators, while all other companies were sold outright to the private sector.
      • The establishment of SBCGT has been therefore a response to the demand for credit and finance facilities by small business operators.
      • It plans to bring together haulage operators, farmers, businessmen and residents in an effort to reach a compromise.
      • Under such a concession, the private sector operator takes over responsibility to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the asset, such as a motorway.
      • The premier approved a controversial plan by transport secretary Stephen Byers to take Railtrack, the privatised national rail operator, into administration.
      • Officials in the Department of Public Enterprise believe the first private bus operators will be providing services in Dublin by this time next year.
      • In practice, it means that staff of airlines, ferry operators and railway companies must pay the cost to the employer of providing the benefit.
      • At most ports, which act as landlords to private sector operators, the cost will trickle down to private companies.
      • Some taxi operators and small businesses were reported to be giving back change in both euros and escudos, against government recommendations.
      • Identifying and prosecuting the culprits has proven difficult because most real estate operators run independent, local businesses.
      • As an alternative, the report proposes that Dublin Bus could outsource 369 contracts to private sector operators by 2006.
      • He says there is a social aspect to the credit union movement, which consumers tired of greedy financial service industry operators find refreshing.
      • A new class of businesses - tech kiosk operators - is emerging to provide computing as a service.
      • Since then the relationship between the private air service operators and the multi-national have improved, contributing to the latter's success.
      • Only a few partnership operators from that era remain in business.
      • Car dealerships, discount food operators and retail showrooms have all targeted properties with good access and visibility from major roads.
      • Lastminute chairman Allan Leighton said the company, in common with other travel operators, had been affected by a growing tendency for consumers to book their holidays later than usual.
      • Like other cable players, it's losing market share to satellite operators, who are adding 2 million subscribers a year at cable's expense.

    • 2.2informal (person)

      a smart operator un tipo vivo informal
      • he has shown himself to be an effective political operator ha demostrado ser un político muy hábil
      • he's a smooth / slick operator es de los que saben conseguir lo que quieren
      • And this, the tenth top-flight encounter between the two local sides, is set to be an interesting tactical battle with both men shrewd operators.
      • Allan has proven himself to be a shrewd operator on a tight budget as his firm has attempted to weather the huge downturn in sentiment towards the telecom sector.
      • However, one gets the feeling that the Prime Minister relishes the challenge of meeting shrewd operators like Richard and Judy.
      • Don't bet against it as this Donegal team have the basis upon which a shrewd operator like Brian can build.
      • He may be a hippie at heart but he's also a shrewd operator with an MBA and management know-how gleaned from stints at Andersen Consulting and from running his own consultancy.
      • A business graduate, he began to earn a name for himself as a shrewd and energetic operator at NCB stockbrokers.
      • Do not be taken in by clever and smooth operators or you could get involved in illegal deals.
      • Now, in such a situation a really clever operator will only drop in a few of the ‘convincers’ that he has already developed and stored away.
      • Though professionally chummy she is personally steely, a shrewd operator with no qualms about tough questions and drawing blood.
      • One of Rove's heroes was Mark Hanna, a shrewd political operator from Ohio who helped put William McKinley in the White House in 1896.
      • Just as importantly, he is a successful politician (two terms as president), a clever operator and a reasonable administrator.
      • In fact, she's a shrewd operator who has always preferred to get out there and earn a living, even if the roles haven't exactly been Oscar contenders.
      • The goal of model management is to provide a set of high-level operators for manipulating models of data, rather than the data itself.
      • He's a shrewd operator and will assemble the best squad possible.
      • Seemingly on his way out when he was shifted from the Foreign Office at the last reshuffle, this shrewd operator may have identified a swift route back to the heart of the government.
      • While he could be a shrewd and tough political operator when it was needed, he will mainly be remembered as a decent trustworthy person with an deep core of human kindness.
      • Being a shrewd political operator, the deputy will be anxious not to be seen to be involved publicly in the co-option.
      • Fleming was regarded in railroad and banking circles as a shrewd operator.
      • News that his wife was pregnant once again came just days before the recent budget, and proves once again what a shrewd political operator he just is.
      • So he's a shrewd political operator, and he's been around, as you say, since the days of the revolution.

  • 3

    operador masculine
    • His recent breakthroughs in the theory of characteristic functions for several commuting operators indicate that in spite of his seventy years, mathematically Moshe is still a young man.
    • This work initiates the algebraic theory of operators.
    • An idea of Koopman on the possibilities of treating problems of classical mechanics by means of operators on a function space stimulated him to give the first mathematically rigorous proof of an ergodic theorem.
    • Smoothing operators and functions have been used for interpolation and, more generally, data fitting.
    • Why does he require the associative law to hold if his symbols are operators?