Translation of opinion in Spanish:


opinión, n.

Pronunciation /əˈpɪnjən//əˈpɪnjən/


  • 1

    opinión feminine
    parecer masculine
    what's your opinion? ¿qué te parece?
    • if I want your opinion, I'll ask for it cuando quiera saber tu opinión, te la pediré
    • if you ask my opinion, I think it's ridiculous en mi opinión es ridículo
    • I haven't had time to form an opinion no he tenido tiempo de formarme una opinión
    • opinions differ hay diferentes opiniones al respecto
    • a woman of strong opinions una mujer muy convencida de sus ideas
    • she expressed the opinion that it was a mistake opinó que era un error
    • to be of the opinion that ... ser de la opinión / del parecer de que ...
    • Tim was of the same opinion Tim era de la misma opinión / del mismo parecer
    • in my opinion en mi opinión
    • in Freud's opinion en opinión de Freud
    • that's a matter of opinion eso es discutible
    • opinion on / about sth opinión sobre / acerca de algo
    • opinion of sth/sb
    • what's your opinion of the plan/of Robinson? ¿qué opina del plan/de Robinson?
    • to have a good / high/poor / low opinion of sth/sb tener buena/mala opinión de algo/algn
    • she held a very poor opinion of him no tenía buena opinión de él
    • In fact, in my opinion, the attitude of the authorities has simply worsened.
    • In my opinion that fact makes no difference at all.
    • The two, in my opinion, aren't necessarily related in the short term.
    • In my opinion the biggest issue with regards to foreign investment is affordability.
    • In her opinion the incidents described at the inquest were not necessarily related to the school, but had links with the local community.
    • In fact, in my opinion, in the future you are either going to have to be very large or very small in this business.
    • We're interested in your opinion on the political issues that affect your life, but you need to be unclear how you're going to vote at the next general election.
    • Guidebooks are good in my opinion only for historical and cultural fact.
    • In my opinion, this fact accounts for one of the critical reasons why there is so little hype about the new album.
    • I mean, there's only one interesting thing about me, in my opinion, and that's the fact that I hear voices.
    • In my opinion, the approach taken in this book was utterly compelling.
    • Again, I don't know that much about South Africa, but this is my opinion based on the facts I do know.
    • Is it even possible or is retirement in his future, in your opinion?
    • What, in your opinion, is the significance of the fact that many modern appliances are designed to be used with one hand?
    • A simple analogy or a homely metaphor does the trick to invite the reader to share his views, opinions, judgement and comments.
    • In fact, in their opinion, a good doctor would advise women against exposing themselves to the risk of egg donation.
    • In his opinion it is vital to improve international travellers' knowledge about the country and the city.
    • Not everybody is eligible for it, and in fact in our opinion, far too few grandparents get substantial financial help.
    • Given my lack of knowledge, why would anyone be interested in my opinion?
    • I believe an article should be written on this website because in my opinion it matches the views of most people.
  • 2

    • 2.1(evaluation, judgment)

      opinión feminine
      professional/expert opinion opinión profesional/de un experto
      • I'd like a second opinion me gustaría consultarlo con otro especialista
      • I didn't want to be honest with her as to my opinion of the quality of that statement, so I said nothing in reply.
      • They generally did not have a high opinion of the quality of audited financial statements issued by the balance of Bulgarian companies.

    • 2.2Law

      opinión feminine
      asesoría legal feminine
      to take counsel's opinion asesorarse con un abogado
      • Whilst acknowledging the respect to which the opinion of Judge Milonas is entitled, I found this submission a surprising one.
      • In his sentencing opinion, Judge Moore said that to sentence him as an adult would mean giving up on the juvenile justice system.
      • The Justices filed a patchwork of different opinions and dissents.
      • It might be refreshing, though, to have a Supreme Court Justice who writes opinions with critical comments directed at himself.
      • For all of these reasons, the plurality opinion is open to criticism.

  • 3

    (of body of people)
    opinión feminine
    informed opinion has it that there is no danger of this happening la opinión de los entendidos en la materia es que no hay peligro de que esto ocurra
    • opinion is moving away from the nuclear option el consenso de opinión está dejando de lado la opción nuclear
    • literary opinion is divided la opinión del mundo literario está dividida
    • this action has outraged liberal opinion este hecho ha indignado a los (que mantienen opiniones) liberales
    • influential and opinion-forming articles artículos influyentes y formadores de opinión
    • Five studies revealed that people who hold the minority opinion express that opinion less quickly than people who hold the majority opinion.
    • Even if he is right at street level, he surely cannot deny the change in the climate of opinion.
    • There are certain things where majority opinion is real but meaningless.
    • The truth is, therefore, at least as likely to be found among those who reject majority opinion as among those who embrace it.
    • However, minorities do not enjoy the benefit of majority opinion.
    • Possibly, but I could imagine a climate of opinion developing in which it might come to be seen as unobjectionable in either case given unforeseen events.
    • In this climate of opinion, the notion that the Scottish parliament is going to sue for greater powers seems hopelessly naiive.
    • Should he bow to majority opinion or retreat into his own private moral code?
    • I hope I never see the day when science is dictated by majority opinion and force of personality.
    • I can't imagine the audience is representative of majority opinion over there.
    • Journalists, as you know, are crucial to changing the current climate of opinion to one more congenial to liberty.
    • The larger denomination coins and the notes are being spent but the vast majority of opinion regards them as having little spending power.
    • The traditional view, and I'm sure the majority of opinion supports it, is that the Attorney-General does have a role.
    • This changed climate of European political opinion cannot but have an influence on the single currency referendum in Britain.
    • Such conventional pressure is, after all, a rather obvious example of tyranny of majority opinion.
    • Given the climate of opinion, she would be foolish to describe them with anything other than mere disdain.
    • Declarations of the General Assembly are not legally binding but have moral force, being indicative of majority global opinion.
    • They are accused of creating a too liberal climate of opinion and thus ‘helping this to happen’.
    • It went through six printings in its first year, but its effect on majority opinion was, for many years to come, negligible.
    • They represented the majority of British opinion.