Translation of opportunist in Spanish:


oportunista, n.

Pronunciation /ɒpəˈtjuːnɪst//ˌɑpərˈt(j)unəst/


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    oportunista masculine


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    (policy/action) oportunista
    (infection/predator) oportunista
    • Nor is it all the fault of racist or opportunist politicians - but they hardly help.
    • Opportunism played an important part in my acquisition of data, in the same way that the subjects of study made their money from opportunist ventures.
    • These are men and women who work not off of political ideals or even insight, but rather are driven by careerist ambition and opportunist fear.
    • They are the most glaringly opportunist bunch of hypocrites in politics.
    • And the middle-management drones who man these media outlets stations seem to be in awe of this opportunist trash-talker.
    • ‘I think they were opportunist thieves and happened to be in the area,’ she added.
    • Such information was priceless for opportunist burglars, he added.
    • The existing rules are so opaque it is difficult to avoid the impression they were drawn up in a spirit of opportunist ambiguity.
    • Nigel Corrigan, if only for that opportunist goal, will recall this final with pride.
    • Customers visiting supermarkets in the town have been hit by opportunist criminals at both Somerfield and Waitrose in the High Street.
    • What all these opportunist groups oppose, above all, is any independent role for the working class.
    • There's not going to be an officer on every street corner at all times of day and night just waiting for that opportunist criminal.
    • To detail all the political twists and turns of this thoroughly opportunist outfit would require a small book.
    • This flows organically from their opportunist politics.
    • Police want to boost the numbers of residents participating in the scheme which is proven to cut crime and acts as a deterrent to opportunist thieves and intruders.
    • A simple device is being promoted to deter opportunist thieves.
    • Wife beating is not endorsed, although some opportunist clerics interpret that it is permissible.
    • I wonder what opportunist bandwagon he is planning to join this week?
    • Careless motorists whose vehicles are ‘shop windows’ for opportunist thieves have left a York beat officer at the end of his tether.
    • That loophole has been exploited by opportunist operators who produce watered-down spirits and market them as the real thing.