Translation of oppress in Spanish:


oprimir, v.

Pronunciation /əˈprɛs//əˈprɛs/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (nation/minority) oprimir
    • He is a vicious dictator, brutally oppressing his own people.
    • As a country's economy grows, more men gain the material strength to exploit and oppress women.
    • Robin, isn't it a fact that oppressed people, when seeing freedom, will react in many ways we might not consider normal?
    • He uses stealthy means to savagely oppress the common people.
    • Who protests that people aren't oppressed enough?
    • And we are going to stand up for people around the world, oppressed people, who want us to stand up for them.
    • The fact of the matter is these ‘freedom fighters’ are oppressing their own people.
    • So we're going to fight for you against the people who are oppressing you.
    • A group of youngsters demonstrated with great vigour, what it meant to stand up against the power of a foreign power that continued to oppress the people of India.
    • Pompeo agreed, and realized she needed to tell her story and let people know ‘what it's like to struggle on assistance, and how the government is oppressing people.’
    • He can only hope such action is measured, effective and does not add to the misery of some of the world's poorest and most oppressed people.
    • He declares support for the oppressed but hasn't grasped that the people he supports are oppressing people in their own countries and are now attacking the very democracy that he lives in.
    • It argues that the modern world fosters institutions and ideas that exploit and oppress people and degrade and destroy the environment.
    • It's about a brutal dictator who's oppressing his own people.
    • He was a threat to his neighbors, and he oppressed his own people, and the world is better with him gone.
    • He has oppressed our people and caused great hardship for too long.
    • He speaks as the political representative of an imperialist nation which has brutally oppressed the people of the region for over a century.
    • It's also true that they have been oppressing their own people and conducting a campaign of abuse against women that justifies international intervention.
    • So when I rail against the corporate capitalist system that oppresses workers, I'm speaking from my own experience.
    • There should be a natural affinity between them and other oppressed people of India.
  • 2

    (weigh down)
    (heat/humidity) agobiar
    (foreboding/anxiety) oprimir
    (foreboding/anxiety) agobiar
    • Animal spirits could be low, broken, oppressed, dejected, petulant, harassed or even ruffled beyond description.
    • On the way, London's ancient, massive buildings, black statues and dirt surround me, oppress and burden me.
    • I've gotten over being oppressed by it though and will carry on.