Translation of oppressive in Spanish:


opresivo, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈprɛsɪv//əˈprɛsɪv/


  • 1

    (regime/legislation/measures) opresivo
    • He threw out an estimate that perhaps two cents from every litre of gas we buy goes to support a dictatorship or other oppressive forms of government.
    • Examples of the oppressive and repressive treatment of women abound.
    • They are willing to espouse the most oppressive dictatorship on earth just to be different!
    • Unless supplemented and constrained by minority rights, state nation-building is likely to be oppressive and unjust.
    • He is a brutal, murderous dictator, leading an oppressive regime.
    • It's ironic that so many people use a patriarchal and racist ideology to critique what they think is an engine of oppressive authority.
    • If they are made to work, and are chastised, but stinted of their food, such treatment is oppressive, and saps their strength.
    • Women's home life was oppressive and harsh even among the better classes.
    • Whatever oppressive tactics the authorities use, we should not let them stop us protesting and expressing our anger about their atrocities.
    • People take their future into their own hands and rebel against an oppressive authority.
    • Your great State has never experienced the misfortune of being occupied, and Australians never had to flee from an oppressive dictatorship.
    • No, this won't be a naval skirmish with some oppressive foreign dictator.
    • They found government harsh and oppressive, complaining of the disparities between the rich and poor.
    • I hated the unjust, oppressive system so, in my twenties, I fled the country illegally to seek truth and freedom in the West.
    • It is no longer possible for the surrounding dictatorships to defend their oppressive ways as the immutable order of things.
    • We would be tragic heroes, battling the unjustness of an oppressive society.
    • U.S. juries have a proud and heroic tradition of standing up to tyranny and saying no to oppressive, unjust, or misapplied laws.
    • I could give you hundreds of examples of local communities that have been just as oppressive and unjust as nation states.
    • Does the coercive and oppressive treatment of weaving children differ only by degree from the treatment of all carpet weavers?
    • In many cases oppressive authorities actively prevent normal migration processing from occurring.
  • 2

    (heat) agobiante
    (heat) sofocante
    (humidity/climate) agobiante
    (fears/guilt) agobiante
    (fears/guilt) opresivo
    • Summer's spiritual hardships are manifest through the oppressive summer heat.
    • The heat was beginning, to be oppressive, but as we got closer to the river, the fields became more and more verdant.
    • There was an oppressive atmosphere in the room.
    • The collecting itch urged Smith further and further afield, helped along by Houston's oppressive summer weather.
    • The same oppressive atmosphere pervades the town of Soham.
    • David Parry, conducting, takes the score slowly, generating an atmosphere of oppressive malignancy.
    • You want to come stay in Tel Aviv one of these days, now that's oppressive weather.
    • Freak hailstorms will victimize the prairies while oppressive heat waves cook southern Ontario.
    • The course, as always, was immaculately presented and the weather was oppressive on the first day and overcast for the second round.
    • Sometimes, perhaps, the vastness of sky was oppressive in the way wilderness weighed on McGregor's Canadians.
    • Beneath the hot and sticky oppressive atmosphere of the venue, Jon pushed his way past the bobbing bodies toward the bar.
    • Critics and audiences alike reviled it for its oppressive atmosphere and the direction in which it took the Alien franchise.
    • However, in another few seconds, they were silent again and the oppressive atmosphere returned.
    • Wig also found that, on top of the normal pressure of call center work, the atmosphere was very oppressive.
    • We had left the oppressive flat humidity of Lima at dawn, rising through the low cloud that seemed to hang permanently over the city, as if entering a second sky.
    • One can easily imagine the oppressive heat being dispelled by a sudden smattering of rain, as an iron smoothes a wrinkled cloth.
    • Some people love hot weather, but I find it oppressive and stifling and generally unpleasant.
    • All the Tests lasted a full five days and were attended by a sizeable crowd despite stifling security, oppressive weather and poor facilities at the venues.
    • The sun rose, becoming oppressive as we traveled through the chain of islands.
    • It was stuffy and confined, muggy and stagnant, thick and oppressive.
    • The building radiated an oppressive atmosphere, loaded with the anguish of men and women facing death.
    • Composed shortly after The Turn of the Screw, the Canticle shares that opera's claustrophobic, oppressive atmosphere.
    • When Hetty gets the good news, she packs a rucksack full of books and heads for Wordsworth country to escape the oppressive atmosphere at home.
    • Also, one has to brave crowds of tourists, loud music and a generally oppressive high-tech atmosphere to get to the classical section.
    • The oppressive weather we've had this past week makes me want to sleep all day.
    • The occasional heavy downpour keeps the oppressive humidity at bay, and lessens the sense that we're walking through a steam room.
    • Fog, wet and oppressive, like gauze on a camera lens, softens edges off in the distance.
    • It may feel somewhat oppressive for those readers who don't mind a crazy wife in the attic but ultimately prefer to see intelligent love conquer all.
    • In fact, not a lot happens at all in the first book, it mostly just introduces the main characters and sets up the oppressive atmosphere of the castle.
    • Be prepared for more oppressive heat during the next two months as the dry weather will likely continue before entering the transition to the rainy season.
    • And in one very long day, these characters are about to enter the autumn of their lives with an oppressive weight on their shoulders.
    • There is very little dialogue in the film, furthering the, at times, oppressive silence weighing upon the viewer.
    • Wentworth had a threateningly dark and oppressive atmosphere whereas I can honestly say I've been in scarier factory canteens than the one at Larkhall.
    • This brought a heavily oppressive silence into the room.
    • When Dan Parks dropped a goal for a 12-6 lead in the 57th minute, an already seething atmosphere became oppressive.
    • And that oppressive atmosphere is reinforced even by absence.
    • Dolly and I had a grand siesta right through the oppressive heat of the afternoon, waking to find the early evening cooler and more pleasant altogether.
    • Many prisoners, suffocating under the oppressive heat, fainted.
    • On a summer evening, a swab of jasmine or khus lifts your spirits in the oppressive heat of Northern India.
    • The feeling that we have to sort it all out in our minds and make judgments about it can be quite oppressive.