Translation of opprobrious in Spanish:


oprobioso, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈproʊbriəs//əˈprəʊbrɪəs/



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    oprobioso formal
    ignominioso formal
    • The term also entered popular journalism of the 1920s and 30s, used of composers as unalike as Varèse and Bartók, generally with opprobrious intent.
    • Sponsors are withdrawing advertisements featuring the couple and websites have been flooded with opprobrious messages.
    • In short, valuing for the increment added by improvements, if not an everyday occurrence, is by no means so odd as to attract the opprobrious epithet ‘impractical’.
    • In this more recent instance, Atkinson found an opprobrious term rolling nicely off the tongue.
    • While one should deplore the heavy-handed censorship that made the Index of Forbidden Books so opprobrious, no one can wonder why the censors found Hume a prime candidate for that infamous canon.
    • Growing up, it's funny how words get to be opprobrious.