Translation of opt in Spanish:


optar, v.

Pronunciation: /ɑpt//ɒpt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to opt for sth optar por algo
    • to opt to + inf optar por + inf
    • to opt against sth
    • she opted for the second plan optó por / se decidió por el segundo plan
    • he opted to pay the fine optó por pagar la multa
    • they opted against buying a house optaron por / decidieron no comprar casa
    • On her latest, Stone opts for original material, with mixed results.
    • With so many choices at her fingertips, she has opted for delicate, minute alterations.
    • The City of Toronto opts to provide streetcar service to its new boroughs itself under the Toronto Civic Railways name.
    • The idea that they opted for such a lifestyle out of choice is both heartless and fanciful.
    • That may not seem like a big drop, especially if Treasury opts for the high end of the range.
    • Ann opted for a piece of caramelised apple tart and my choice was carrot cake.
    • It also means exercising regularly and opting for active living choices rather than the lazy ones.
    • Nonetheless, he should be financially secure for life when he opts to cash in his shares, though he says he is having too much fun at the moment to think about doing so.
    • There remain some issues to resolve and a few players are still opting to continue their boycott.
    • It will also give him another option if the selectors decide to opt for the extra bowler.
    • Fortunately this doesn't happen and much to my relief, Sky decides to leave the dreadlocked wig and opts for the blonde one.
    • Police gave her the choice of a fine or going to court and Berthelsen opted for a trial.
    • Fewer students than ever are opting to study maths at a higher level.
    • The judge opts to decide later on what to do about the infuriating kid.
    • Faced with the prospect of crippling student debts, many are opting to skip university and get on the career ladder.
    • But on that subject is it really anyone's business if a friend opts not to send you a bill for a job done?
    • Couples who opt to live more simply can still live on a single income, he suggested.
    • Parents opting for single-sex schools take other factors into account, though.
    • Always opt for four individual shots if possible so that you can choose the best of the four.
    • Instead of laser vision correction he opted to have a lens placed behind the pupils of his eyes.