Translation of optician in Spanish:


óptico, n.

Pronunciation /ɑpˈtɪʃən//ɒpˈtɪʃ(ə)n/


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    óptico masculine
    óptica feminine
    (masculine and feminine) (esp in UK) oculista
    • A 69 year old man was referred to our ophthalmology unit by his optician, who had picked up a visual field defect at a routine examination.
    • Tracey works as a contact lens optician for Dolland and Aitchison at their Leeds city centre shop.
    • Only a registered optician, however, can supply glasses to a child under the age of 16.
    • Annette King has worked with ophthalmologists and opticians to ensure that that is the case.
    • If necessary an optician can also provide a prescription for glasses.
    • He recommended buying sunglasses from reputable opticians with in-house optometrists, where a simple UV test can be performed.
    • So the team manager took him off to the optician and had him fitted with glasses.
    • Phase two will provide connectivity to the mixed community of doctors, dentists, opticians and other medical professionals.
    • However, when I went two years ago, to a place near where I was working, the optician told me I could give up wearing glasses.
    • My optician did not believe that new glasses did not help my vision and rudely told me to go to my doctor.
    • A 76 year old man came to the eye clinic after his optician found some macular abnormalities.
    • Donated glasses are sorted, cleaned and graded in the UK then delivered to ophthalmic clinics all over the world where opticians match the spectacles to their patients.
    • Now, there are only 5,000 optometrists, 15,000 ophthalmic surgeons and 25,000 opticians.
    • If you are diagnosed as long-sighted, it is likely that your optician will prescribe glasses or contact lenses to correct your vision.
    • Once a year I go out to the opticians because I wear contact lenses.
    • Its policies offer cash payments towards a wide range of everyday essential healthcare treatments such as a check up or filling at the dentist and new glasses or contact lenses from the optician.
    • If you have taken the test before and have previously been prescribed glasses or contact lenses, your optician may want you to take the test while wearing your glasses or contact lenses.
    • Since the beginning of the World Cup, opticians across the city have reported increased sales of rimless-style glasses.
    • It was an optician trying to prescribe me new glasses.
    • He was asked by a woman in a hurry if he'd stay with her car to explain to a traffic warden while she collected glasses from a nearby optician.