Translation of optimize in Spanish:


optimar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɑptəˌmaɪz//ˈɒptɪmʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • These research priorities involve addressing poverty through the integrated development of rural and urban areas, optimising human resources and understanding the new economy.
    • The plan was to optimise the resources of land, real estate, roads, and other utilities to streamline development.
    • In an earlier article, we highlighted how to optimize stock to deal with the uncertainty in forecasting demand.
    • The council is to set up an Olympic Games Committee to optimise all possible opportunities emanating from the London games.
    • Dr Hamilton, Author of Passing Exams says that having good self-esteem should optimise your chances in the exam hall.
    • This lack of data constrains the ability of policy makers to choose a mix of deterrents that optimises program effectiveness.
    • In the lab, we optimized conditions and ran all the reactions in the same thermal cycler.
    • The exclusion of such men optimises the effectiveness of screening by increasing the level of participation.
    • When used as part of a comprehensive greens-management program, Micro-Gro Plus reduces the need for fertilizers and fungicides, and optimizes playing conditions.
    • It is a standard assumption in plant ecology that plants respond to their environment in such a way as to optimize their resource use.
    • To optimise the effectiveness of your company's website, you must firstly identify the keywords of most relevance to the products or services you offer.
    • But I have stabilised, and I have optimised my chances of living on into a reasonable old age.
    • Early identification of children at risk for reading failure optimizes the chances for effective intervention.
    • So we need to be able to look at things broadly and regionally so we can optimize the right resources.
    • There is generally no need to stop drinking alcohol before pregnancy, although couples with infertility problems should cut it out to optimise their chances.
    • But we have to consider how best to optimize our resources and find our way back to the enormous success we have had in previous years.
    • However, optimizing your chances of properly filtering the information you receive is critical.
    • High achievement for diverse groups of learners is an outcome of the skilled and cumulative pedagogical actions of a teacher in creating and optimising an effective learning environment.
    • Ms. Shyam believes that by using alternative energy and recycling as much as possible, the institute can optimise use of its resources.
    • Democracy is messy and does not guarantee outcomes that optimize the life circumstances of those it empowers.