Translation of option in Spanish:


opción, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɒpʃ(ə)n//ˈɑpʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    opción feminine
    posibilidad feminine
    you have the option to keep your maiden name tienes la posibilidad / opción de conservar tu nombre de soltera
    • I had no option but to resign no tuve otra alternativa que renunciar
    • he was given the option of early retirement le dieron la posibilidad / opción de anticipar su jubilación
    • The committee will now meet on September 17 to choose between the options.
    • Syvet will also be providing information about green transport options and alternative fuel for cars.
    • The candidate could use a touch sensitive screen to choose from the following options.
    • The midfielder had an abundance of options but chose to throw the ball harmlessly into touch.
    • Mr Daley says apart from the high costs involved, the layout of the building meant the work, which would include widening corridors, was not a practical option.
    • Finally, for those comfortable with investing in stocks there are a wealth of options to choose from.
    • A single slab is also a practical option because it's easier to clean than a surface broken up by porous grout lines.
    • It appears that after months of debate and political posturing, none of the four options was chosen.
    • They will be asked to choose one of four options, none of which proposes the outright closure of both homes.
    • Choose the more likely options rather than the best courses, he advised the students.
    • Most of the time will be spent on the chosen option but each participant will get some experience of the other areas.
    • He said that as head teacher he could not force youngsters to wear uniforms either but the school hoped parents saw it as a practical option.
    • For those who missed it, on Tuesday night Councillors were asked to choose between two options.
    • Trying to decide where to give money can also be difficult with so many options to choose from.
    • Those with cars are more likely to choose either of these options.
    • Patients have now been asked to choose from two options if they wish to remain at the practice.
    • A slipcover proved to be a practical option for giving this armchair a role in the new look.
    • Voters need to be informed about the alternate voting options of advanced polls and special ballots.
    • Compared to them, today's youngsters have a lot more career options to choose from.
    • A grape vine needs five years to come into commercial production, so leasing is not a practical option.
  • 2

    • 2.1Audio Motor vehicles
      (optional feature)

      extra masculine

    • 2.2School University

      optativa feminine
      asignatura optativa feminine

  • 3

    Business Finance
    opción feminine
    they have an option on a further 45 aircraft tienen opción a comprar 45 aviones más
    • we want first option (to buy) queremos la primera opción de compra
    • call option opción de compra
    • put option opción de enajenación / de venta
    • to take an option hacer uso de una opción de compra
    • In technical terms, the new chief executive is entitled to be granted an option to buy ordinary shares.
    • This involves buying and selling futures or options on shares, bonds or currencies.
    • The member only has the option to sell the shares privately if the company decides not to buy them back.
    • This relief does not apply if the shareholders in the target company retain an option to sell their shares to another company.
    • It exercised its option to sell and tried to persuade Time Warner to pay in cash instead of stock.