Translation of optometry in Spanish:


optometría, n.

Pronunciation /ɑpˈtɑmətri//ɒpˈtɒmɪtri/


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    optometría feminine
    • Deregulated programs - computational mathematics, engineering, computer science, software engineering, and optometry - face 15 per cent increases each year.
    • She encouraged me to give up optometry and devote myself to photography, which I did in 1975.
    • The disciplines of these students include psychology, computer science, English literature and optometry.
    • Theodore Cohn, UC Berkeley professor of optometry and bioengineering, died in May of lymphoma at age 64.
    • These fees affect students in a range of professional programs, including business, law, veterinary medicine, optometry, pharmacy and nursing.
    • Anthea, eye clinic manager at Bradford University's department of optometry, and the team treated up to 200 people a day in schools, village centres and temples in India.
    • This, the Association claimed, facilitated the unlicensed practice of optometry by the corporation.
    • Next week the 17-year-old, who wants to study optometry, will sit his Higher French exam.
    • Tuition in deregulated programs such as computer science, engineering and optometry can increase by up to 15 per cent per year.
    • Optics and optometry are complex subjects beyond the scope of this article.
    • Deriving from his specialised knowledge of optometry, this cylindrical lens imitates what happens in astigmatism.
    • The existing legislation defines who can be registered as an optometrist, and what an optometrist may legitimately do, and it prevents anyone other than an optometrist from practising optometry.
    • Two basic lens shapes are commonly used in optometry: spherical and cylindrical.
    • In recent years, specific programs such as optometry and dentistry have become deregulated.
    • Her interests are in visual ergonomics and occupational optometry.
    • He also described the principles and method that created the basis for optometry and retinoscopy.
    • This plan, however, did not address optometry.
    • Examples of graduate programs offered at the institutions include chiropractic, education, health technology, optometry and multibody system dynamics.
    • The graduate students included not only those pursuing doctoral studies, but also those seeking professional degrees in law, public health, social welfare, optometry, and other areas.
    • When not cycling, Cobb still practices optometry, but also is president of Bluestem Corporation, an Internet marketing group, and maintains a busy public-speaking schedule.