Translation of orange peel in Spanish:

orange peel

cáscara de naranja, n.


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    cáscara de naranja feminine
    • I want to be in Las Aguas Zarcas, with no glass in the windows, so the bees fly in, following the scent of grated orange peel.
    • In a medium bowl, combine the raisins, black currants, pumpkinseeds, candied lemon and orange peel, vanilla, rum, and half the almonds and toss to coat.
    • The Navy, for instance, conducted extensive experimentation on the production of diesel fuel from coconut oil, birch bark, pine needles, and orange peel.
    • Madhur Jaffrey describes its highly aromatic black seeds as ‘like a combination of camphor, eucalyptus, orange peel and lemon’.
    • In a mixing bowl, combine 1 1/2 cups of flour, sugar, and grated orange peel.
    • Italian pignola bread, an enriched bread including pine nuts, sultanas, lemon zest, and candied orange peel, is made into rolls, coated with ground hazelnuts, and sprinkled with more pine nuts.
    • Coates and graduate students Chris Byrne and Scott Allen explain that limonene is found naturally in more than 300 plant species and is the main component of the oil from orange peel.
    • Five moist and well grilled scallops sat in a companionable bunch on a deliciously dressed bed of brown lentils, roasted red pepper and strips of orange peel.
    • This suggested that the Belgium beer's ingredients, including wheat, coriander seeds and orange peel, give it many of the flavours associated with wine.
    • Coconut milk, nutmeg, chadon beni, orange peel, cinnamon, pimento, a dash of rum, a dozen kinds of hot peppers, and who knows what other secret ingredients, all contribute to the rich flavours of these dishes.
    • Jerabek's mincemeat filling includes walnuts, apples, raisins, and a hint of orange peel.
    • String together your favorite dried elements, such as leaves, pieces of orange peel, and small loofah.
    • You can find it in vacuum-sealed packages under brand names such as Zico, available either in pure form or flavored with extras like passion fruit and orange peel.
    • Rub the meat with orange peel, then with the lime, and keep what is left.
    • Bitter orange peel contains synephrine, a stimulant comparable to the banned weight-loss aid ephedra.
    • Head librarian Sue Boddington also discovered pieces of orange and orange peel deposited on the floor of the main part of the library, which overlooks The Strand.
    • They also keep their organic rubbish, their banana skins and orange peel.
    • About an hour into the movie, Lauren went back into the kitchen to refill her lemonade and throw out her orange peel, and she had noticed that the pains were just a little stronger, though not much.
    • I sometimes put a long winding strip of orange peel in too.
    • My lobster was quite delicious, although the blue ribbon in the roasted-seafood category went to the langoustines, bathed in butter, orange peel, and olive oil, with a bay leaf on top.