Translation of orchard in Spanish:


huerto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɔːtʃəd//ˈɔrtʃərd/


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    (de árboles frutales) huerto masculine
    cherry orchard cerezal masculine
    • Out back there was a lovely big garden with an orchard and a greenhouse.
    • A stream ran through it, and around it were fields, orchards and small woods, or coppices.
    • Paddy fields and orchards have given way to shopping plazas and industrial buildings.
    • Thousands of acres are painstakingly planted in tidy orchards, trellises and rows.
    • After that wake-up call, we cruise alertly through a terraced landscape of peach and apple orchards.
    • And yet it is here, among the apple orchards and farms, that an Italian winemaker has set up shop and is making a name for himself.
    • In the Russian play it remains untold what the new owner is planning to do with the land where the orchard used to be.
    • South of the house is an extensive orchard of fruit trees, now part of the other two properties.
    • The lower region with its more fertile land is home to many market gardens, orchards and vineyards.
    • The school also has a fruit orchard, herbaceous border, bird garden and butterfly garden.
    • All of Kinnaur is dotted with apple orchards and the region boasts the best cider in the land.
    • Next to the goats' pasture was a large orchard containing all types of fruit trees.
    • Apple orchards thrive in the mountains and are great fall fun for the whole family.
    • The Forclaz snakes through fields of hay and orchards of burgeoning apples.
    • She could see apple orchards with ruby red fruit hanging from yellowed leaves.
    • From his orchards comes a rich apple juice, now sold under his own name in Superquinn.
    • Smart new roads are lined with fields of cabbages, radishes and ginseng, apple orchards and greenhouses filled with roses.
    • Apple and pear orchards were planted, as were plum thickets between some holes.
    • We took a long drive through blossoming orchards and fields strewn with tiny spring flowers.
    • Scores of houses were destroyed and much of the village's cultivated land and orchards were bulldozed.