Translation of orchid in Spanish:


orquídea, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɔːkɪd//ˈɔrkəd/


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    orquídea feminine
    • Certain plants such as orchids and some varieties of bromeliads will do best in mediums made especially for them.
    • The plants that he uses include ferns, bromeliads, orchids and palm trees.
    • Only a few epiphyte ferns, orchids and bromeliads have been studied genetically.
    • To maintain the supply of orchids and tropical plants, the company has a tissue culture lab that can produce two to three million plants a year.
    • This common, damaging pest likes to feed on the roots of Hawaii's colorful and exotic tropical orchids.
    • Other flowers that work well include stephanotis, tulips and orchids.
    • Blooming plants such as orchids and kalanchoe need more light than palms.
    • The venue is a hotel resort set in a lush tropical garden overflowing with orchids and other native flowers.
    • Lady slippers and some kinds of cymbidium are terrestrial orchids.
    • Butterflies and bogflies flutter above and around trefoils, daisies, clovers, sea-pinks and orchids.
    • Many tropical orchids are epiphytes, growing on the side of trees, and will not do well if their roots stay wet.
    • The next phase will be completed by next July, which will then include up to 10,000 plant species from banana plants to rare orchids.
    • Meanwhile, a large number of plants, such as orchids and sandalwood, have been smuggled into domestic and overseas markets.
    • Where else can you grow bromeliads and orchids outside by simply hanging them in trees?
    • Sales of orchids and other tropical plants amount to a huge export industry.
    • Bamboos, ferns, bromeliads, epiphytes and orchids will all thrive in this microclimate.
    • Use the shelf created by the window for an orchid or another tropical plant.
    • Flowering epiphytes - bromeliads, orchids and cacti - are presented most commonly.
    • Because orchids are primarily tropical epiphytes and small herbs, they do not have a fossil record.
    • There were white roses, pink roses, bright yellow sunflowers, lilies, daisies and orchids.