Translation of order in council in Spanish:

order in council

decreto ley, n.


  • 1

    (in UK)
    (del Gabinete) decreto ley masculine
    • Because the Government had asked for a special Order in Council, to enable him to give orders to civil servants.
    • He was eventually cleared of all suspicions of treason and freed by an Order in Council.
    • The 1976 Order in Council, already referred to, gives effect to a treaty concluded between the United Kingdom and the United States in June 1972.
    • During the Committee stage there was a great deal of discussion about the Mackenzie Basin and the 1969 Order in Council.
    • The concept of an ‘extradition crime’ is to be construed according to the terms of the Order in Council as it had effect at the date of coming into force of the 1989 Act.