Translation of ordinance in Spanish:


ordenanza, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɔrd(ə)nəns//ˈɔːdɪnəns/



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    ordenanza feminine
    • Obey these instructions as a lasting ordinance for you and your descendants.
    • Wilson finally ordered his employees to stop enforcing the ordinance.
    • Initially, the Government ordinance was received with mixed feelings by the public, and coldly by the Association of Hotel and Restaurant Owners, which argued that the regulations would ruin their businesses.
    • The ordinances are important because they will make the environment more predictable for investors and will enhance the chances for stable development of the sector, said Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister Lydia Shuleva.
    • The Democrats had to compromise on the scope to make the ordinance workable, because the government would have dropped the ordinance, Lee said.
    • The ordinance will regulate the services of water supply companies throughout the country.
    • The details regarding the narrow limits that exist on the right to use these rooms and tight controls over them have since been regulated in special state government ordinances in order to prevent misuse.
    • The government is apparently now contemplating bringing into force an ordinance which makes it mandatory for any channel in India to share feed of events of national interest with him.
    • When Bose became the vice-chancellor in June 2001, he found that the institution had flouted basic rules in its ordinance to give affiliation to about 40 institutions across the country.
    • The ordinance also says government authorities cannot ‘request forced labor.’
    • Bulgarian producers will get preference in public procurement tenders, and this will be regulated by a Cabinet ordinance.
    • It also canceled a 1997 ordinance regulating the state's credit and loan agreements.
    • All 50 states have child-protection ordinances mandating that professionals who come in contact with children report cases of suspected abuse to the local child protective services agency.
    • Wildfires that scorched the West have emphasized the need for better road access for fire-fighting equipment; new ordinances are mandating wider roads with better turnarounds.
    • I asked the supervising officer for the exact ordinance but he couldn't recall it.
    • Charles's household ordinances were intended to re-introduce order and decorum into court life by re-establishing the etiquette of Henry VIII's time.
    • "The government has the intention to draft an ordinance regulating human reproductive technology in the future, and this will also regulate the use of stem cells, " the spokeswoman said.
    • The ordinance also provides rules for the registration of foreign students, and for control and co-ordination of tour operator contracts.
    • The Cabinet approved an ordinance regulating the inspections connected to direct control of the protection of classified information.
    • If it could rule by ordinances alone, it would.