Translation of ordinarily in Spanish:


generalmente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˌɔːdɪˈnɛrɪli//ˈɔːd(ə)ˌn(ə)rɪli//ˌɔrdnˈɛrəli/


  • 1

    ordinarily, I leave earlier generalmente / habitualmente me voy más temprano
    • he is ordinarily resident in the UK tiene residencia habitual en el Reino Unido
    • This makes them considerably less expensive for a house-hunter who ordinarily would have to pay for a site.
    • But ordinarily it is best to just put everything in one book.
    • Things that would ordinarily be classified as bad practice usually go unnoticed.
    • This is a party at the beginning of the season here in Martha's Vineyard, and ordinarily Kay would be here.
    • She said the patients who would most be affected were those who, before the walk-in centre opened, would ordinarily see their GPs.
    • This was considered to be a breakthrough step because some of those legislators are not ordinarily permitted to enter China.
    • Now, this ordinarily wouldn't be a problem as I have a bus pass.
    • Hillsboro is not where you would ordinarily look for schools in crisis.
    • Although this would ordinarily have me heading for the hills, there is more than enough strangeness and humour to balance it out.
    • People who might ordinarily be overlooked typically have a voice in our discussions.
    • Hypnosis merely helps them to lift inhibitions that they may, ordinarily, have against performing in public.
    • Maintenance staff ordinarily clean up the litter, and it's back to life as usual.
    • Well, this president has emerged as a much more polarizing figure in time of war than we're ordinarily used to.
    • So the world must ordinarily appear to us in such a way that we can accept these principles.
    • From what I understand you to be saying, that is not ordinarily the case.
    • A book echoing this thesis wouldn't ordinarily be required reading for a sports fan or anyone else.
    • The owner or spouse of the owner must ordinarily reside in the home and must also use the home for domestic or private residential purposes.
    • It was also delivered to another address where the person is believed to ordinarily reside.
    • The Canada Elections Act says a person must vote in the riding where he or she ordinarily resides and not where mail is delivered.
    • You have to be nice to people who you ordinarily wouldn't say hello to because you need money to run a campaign.
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    more than ordinarily intelligent más inteligente de lo común
    • It started ordinarily enough with me standing outside my local convenience store, but there seemed to be something different about it.