Translation of organize in Spanish:


organizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɔrɡəˌnaɪz//ˈɔːɡ(ə)nʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(arrange, set up)

      (event/activity/strike) organizar
      we must get his farewell party organized tenemos que organizarle la despedida
      • have you got anything organized for this evening? ¿tienes algún plan para esta noche?
      • organized activities actividades organizadas
      • After teachers said lack of training to teach PE was a real problem, Sporting Chance organised a number of free workshops.
      • I endured endless temping jobs, meeting and greeting, answering phones and organising filing systems whilst being ogled by pervy City types.
      • The host institution was responsible for organizing all aspects of the study tour for the visiting delegation.
      • Both exhibitions have been organized by the museum's Department of Architecture and Design.
      • For example, we organize seminars and other events to keep them informed.
      • Candidates and officials of the neighbourhood community jointly organize the meetings.
      • The union is organizing a rally for mid-July when students return from semester breaks.
      • The seminar was organized in conjunction with the Sport Authority of Thailand.
      • Items were reviewed by four surveillance system experts to help organize demographic categories.
      • There is a good selection and often items are organized in order of the ascending price range.
      • It should systematically unify and organize a set of observations, building from basic principles.
      • Should the game take off, Wong and his team are prepared to organize gatherings and tournaments.
      • There is a local committee, which discusses the running of the home, a fund-raising committee and a house committee, which also organises social events.
      • The officials reasoned that it would be too complicated to organize a system that sees the rich pay a higher fee.
      • In line with this seasonal pattern of demand, firms adapt their production methods and systems of organizing the workflow and managing inventories.
      • The book has twelve chapters, organized into three sections with loosely connected themes.
      • Congratulations to the Town Council for taking on the responsibility of organising a St. Patrick's Day parade.
      • This symposium has been organised in order to provide a forum for questioning the condition, role and value of contemporary art criticism.
      • The text materials were organized in chronological order, beginning with the ancient times.
      • Biological information is hierarchically organized and it is also hierarchically interpreted and used by living organisms.
      • They would also appreciate support from volunteers prepared to help organise the event, which, it is hoped, will rise from the ashes by autumn next year.
      • The high school system is organized into two categories: trade schools and college preparatory.
      • Kant replied that the human mind contains organizing principles or categories that impose order on our sense impressions.
      • With that in mind, they have organised a number of beer tastings in the snug surroundings of their Stonegate shop.
      • If you're bringing the kids, they will be well entertained by a variety of programs and events organized by the resort.
      • He wants to sort out a system for organising incapacity benefit, which he believes consigns hundreds of thousands of people to a lifetime trapped in a culture of welfare dependency.
      • Tours of the show have been organized by the museum.
      • Unfortunately, these categories provide only the loosest possible organizing system for such varied delights.
      • Useful science differed from practical knowledge by systematically organizing it for the first time.
      • The best way to do this is through queuing, which at the system bus level, organizes the data that needs to be retrieved.
      • The work involves storing all the collecting tins and boxes, organising the collection and ordering the poppies and wreaths to lay on Remembrance Sunday.
      • Others believe that while moral beliefs may be right or wrong, there is no way to organize them into systematic principles.
      • The surprise is not that the cartel organised this system, but that they have got away with it for 200 years.
      • The school organised the gala in order to expand its annual fair into the surrounding community.
      • Months of planning and preparation went into organising this year's festival.
      • The next big fund-raiser being organised by the Order themselves is a Race Night in the Ark Bar on November 22.
      • Children need to know that we sort and classify things every day in order to organize information.
      • Work programs that provide people the opportunity to have a system that organises their time in a more rigorous way, so that they may become committed to working for the local community.
      • The exhibition is organized in chronological order based on the date of purchase for each item, in three aisles.
      • On the last night of the event the lecturers organized fun activities such as English language games, songs and quizzes.
      • He also paid tribute to the city centre management team for organising last month's food fair.
      • At first, I thought it was completely chaotic, but somehow the system seems to organize itself without having to talk about the rules.

    • 1.2organizing present participle (before noun)

      (committee/body) organizador
      • Trade unions depend for their effectiveness on organising the majority of the workers in any workplace or industry.
      • District 1199 is seeking a new contract and is attempting to organize the other workers at the hospital.
      • By June 1997, we were organizing people against six or seven dams - people began to connect up and share their experiences, on a pan-Valley basis.
      • He had led efforts to organize garment workers and to fight for improved working conditions in Cambodia.
      • Fascism attempts to organize the newly created proletarian masses without affecting the property structure which the masses strive to eliminate.
      • Tony, a room-service attendant for nine years, says he was harassed and threatened because he was one of the activists organizing workers.
      • ‘Our goal is to organize the people around this issue,’ he says.
      • A sister group called Andolan organizes women from Bangladesh.
      • The Minority Movement, organised by the infant Communist Party of Great Britain, sought to organise militants in trade unions.
      • Ginger and each of her 700 coworkers did, however, have a vote on the four occasions when several big trade unions tried to organize the factory.
      • We organized people, went to protests, talked on the news, went to State Senate hearings and even wrote to several different publications about how we felt - to no avail.
      • We've had a lot of people organize at the grassroots level.
      • He is a trade union activist helping organise the migrant workers.
      • The labor federation, for its part, is accustomed to walking into corporate offices and cutting deals with managers - not to organizing workers.
      • She says that she believes most Native youth are organizing around the twin issues of cultural and environmental preservation.
      • The CGT trade union organises most of the workers involved.
      • The jail scenes are the most convincing, as Miguel attempts to organize and defend the political prisoners, while Jorge drifts toward and takes the part of the more backward elements.
      • In Barcelona, on the other hand, the anarchists were skilled workers who were organized into trade unions and used the strike weapon to considerable effect.
      • You were an activist, I think it is fair to say, organizing women before the invasion.
      • By the early twentieth century the brotherhoods had organized the majority of workers in the railroad running trades.

  • 2

    (life/ideas) ordenar
    you've got to organize your time better tienes que organizarte mejor
    • I haven't had time to get myself organized no he tenido tiempo de organizarme
  • 3

    (form into union or political group)
    sindicalizar Latin America
    sindicar Spain

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (arrange things)
  • 2

    (form union or political group)
    sindicalizarse Latin America
    sindicarse Spain