Translation of original in Spanish:


original, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈrɪdʒənl//əˈrɪdʒɪn(ə)l//ɒˈrɪdʒɪn(ə)l/


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    (plan/version) original
    (version/plan) originario
    the original inhabitants los primeros habitantes
    • from an original idea by … basado en una idea de …
    • The old houses that were left as they were in that same area are being put back to their original style in the process.
    • In fact, the city currently has no way of policing contractors to ensure they do follow their original designs.
    • The original design provided for the restoration of existing courtrooms.
    • The original path was a series of stepping stones laid in the lawn, which I was able to reuse.
    • The use of the original languages with English sub-titles was a brilliant and compelling device.
    • The original language of Algeria was Berber, which has varied dialects throughout the country.
    • The whole hotel is a combination of original features and modern design.
    • The leather seating in the sunken area is original to the house.
    • The original building was designed for only half the number of children on the school's current roll.
    • He reads the press in the original language and blogs it for English speakers.
    • At Wapping we were able to see the twin tunnels which were the original Brunel designed ones.
    • I'm looking forward to the Gehry building, though, even though it's been watered down a bit from its original design.
    • In North America alone, there are many aboriginal cultures that no longer know a word of their original languages.
    • The original curves are not affected, and this process preserves the original shape.
    • The new development has been designed to fit in with the design of the original stone houses.
    • Away from the grand pedigree of the original building, the design of the hotel's new tower echoes the shapes and colours of the old one well.
    • Only one of the lions, on the eastern arch, is original.
    • Langholm Terrace is designed around the original lodge and stables of Buccleugh House, once owned by the Duke of Montague.
    • She says poor maintenance by the Town Council has destroyed the original design.
    • The final design will maintain these original features.
    • Saved at a young age, he learned Greek so that he could read the New Testament in its original language.
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    • 2.1(not copied)

      (design/work/research) original
      don't send original documents no envíe originales
      • He was a much sought-after consultant, both for his original ideas and his unrivalled contacts in sport.
      • Foremost, he was an original thinker with ideas, and with an ability to formulate new questions in new ways.
      • He created original sounds from his cymbals and skins using sticks, brushes, and even his hands.
      • Also, single word titles are often not unique, and I like inventing original things.
      • It keeps to a high standard of interior design with exciting and original items.
      • The contest is open to all original bands and musicians - whatever the musical style.
      • He is quite an original thinker and really did invent the idea of Mozart as a brat so convincingly that now most people think it's fact.
      • Beginning January 20, the Museum will display 14 original oil paintings by Kathy Jakobsen in the Community Gallery.
      • Her goal is also to create playful, original art that cannot be commodified.
      • People came in on spec, just because they'd heard there was a local band who were actually playing original material.
      • His second album released with Sony showed his talent as a serious music writer of original works.
      • Daniel Smith is unquestionably one of the most exciting, original musicians to emerge on to the British blues scene in recent years.
      • The married man will probably run out of original gift ideas sooner or later.
      • Freud certainly had many original ideas; but even the most inventive minds are indebted to their predecessors.
      • I don't need or require beautiful and original web page design and execution to this end, either.
      • Two original ways of presenting the dial motif have been designed: either plain or set with diamonds.
      • Who needs to make creative decisions about original ideas when you can mould an endless stream of desperate kids into carbon copies of what went before?
      • She was a serious artist, a painter of extraordinary and disturbing vision, a talented dancer and also a witty and original writer.
      • Fortunately his family made some copies of the original manuscript and so we can see now what he really wrote.
      • The best way to get this look is to start knitting yourself and create a one-off, original piece, that's just your colour.
      • Modern classical is a term used as a prop by people who can't create an original melody!
      • There is still a market for good original art but with a caution flag on the price point unless it is by a well-known artist.
      • Like everything else at The Big Idea it is completely original and unique to the centre.
      • Television is no better for those of us hungry for imaginative fare, and the dearth of original screenplays makes this writer's blood run cold.
      • He gave me about 20 minutes to respond to an emailed copy of the original article.
      • Those are just ideas, each less original than the one before (I lined them up that way).
      • New or original material is sorely lacking, and any non-mainstream artist is ignored.
      • Also playing a major role in the production is Graham Porter, who has designed an original score to be used during production.
      • There comes a time in your life when you want to replace the posters in your home by original art.
      • On one side of it you have writers building on common archetypes to create original works, and to enrich the genre.
      • He also wants to recruit an artistic director and freelance choreographers to create more original works for the company.
      • By Goya's time the most interesting and original artists were no longer interested in this particular kind of symbolism or any kind of allegory.
      • But do have a stab at Ulysses, if only to see how linguistically inventive and original Joyce was.
      • Erofeyev is an absurdly original writer of the utmost importance.
      • The multimedia production also included an original score by artist-musician Rodney Graham and rock duo Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth.
      • The gallery showcases some original European and American paintings dating back to the Baroque era of the 17th century.
      • Either way, Fred Flare is a great place to find original gifts for everyone imaginable.
      • Beth has used photo montage, acrylics, oils and pastels to create truly original works.
      • And that Starbucks itself may help break new artists and develop original material.
      • The Labatt People in Action program funds original summer projects designed by students that aid a charity.
      • We have more stuff available but at the same time we have actually less original material being produced.

    • 2.2(unusual)

      (gift/idea/person) original


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    Art original masculine
    (document) original masculine
    the remake isn't as good as the original la nueva versión no es tan buena como la original
    • the songs on the album are all originals los temas del álbum son todos nuevos
    • That has now changed, as the Times reporter admitted that the memos he used are not originals, but retyped copies.
    • This allowed pirates for the first time to reproduce what was for all intents and purposes an exact copy of an original.
    • Material kept in these environments, even if partly protected, is still susceptible to exterior forces, and the replacement of originals with copies is one way of arresting further deterioration.
    • He said such evidence could include originals or copies of documents authenticated by the UN fact-finding commission.
    • He agreed to copy the documents inside, then burn the original papers he had received, which were also copies, not originals.
    • The digital world with its zeroes and ones and perfect copies of originals has changed the movie landscape forever, which is why the movie world's priorities have been permanently altered.
    • Patients took home a copy, while the original was kept in the chart and updated at each visit.
    • The first examples of his new art appeared in 1884, in the form of gorgeously enamelled gold snuffboxes copied from 18th-century originals.
    • Art historians have concluded that the statue is a late Roman copy of a Greek original.
    • Accessories and sunglasses with well-known brand names are also available, though, more often than not, they are copies rather than originals.
    • Producing very high-quality colour originals and copies is what business requires, but this technology is no longer simply the domain of the specialist or professional.
    • You are required to carry the vehicle registration document; take a copy and leave the original at home.
    • However, it is hoped to have another exhibition later in the year and anyone who would like to give photos for this can bring them to Lorrarine Foy who will have them copied and the originals returned immediately.
    • Moreover, all of it is as good as new, and every copy identical to the original.
    • Even if you lose your original, a second copy is safely stored somewhere else.
    • The fact of the matter is that, for whatever reason, both the original and the copy of that 1990 letter have gone astray.
    • On this page, presumably a copy of the original, sections 23-27 have simply been crossed out.
    • But the site is a carbon copy of the original - set up by sophisticated criminal gangs often based in eastern Europe.
    • The ‘evidence’ of this appears to be from reports in news items like this one that the copies circulating are not originals…
    • Renaissance scholars based their conception of classical art on statues, particularly Greek ones and Roman copies of Greek originals.
    • Because the Lausos collection may well have continued this tradition, the question inevitably arises as to whether the images displayed in Constantinople were originals or copies.
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    (unusual person)
    she's an original! ¡es de lo más original!