Translation of originally in Spanish:


originariamente, adv.

Pronunciation /əˈrɪdʒɪn(ə)li//əˈrɪdʒ(ə)nəli/


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    (in the beginning)
    al principio
    she's from Russia originally es de origen ruso
    • The history behind the pond is a little cloudy and Mr Caygill believes it was originally a village green.
    • Duncker had originally imagined this novel as a series of Gothic short stories.
    • The park was originally the site of Manningham Hall, home of the Lister family.
    • The flats were originally owned by the council but later taken over by New Charter Housing Trust.
    • I have yet to determine the name of the artist originally sited in the blog.
    • The hall was built in 1700 and was originally home to the wealthy Radcliffe family.
    • Many of these schools were originally set up as charities and it would seem inconsistent to change that.
    • They were originally going to play a couple of dates, but are now doing a tour of Scotland, playing as they go.
    • The garden was originally laid out in the 1740s as an ornamental flower and fruit garden.
    • He added, however, that the study would not now begin in October, as originally planned.
    • The new facility off Leeds Road was originally planned to be opened at the beginning of last year.
    • Akita dogs were originally used in Japan to hunt bears and are among the largest and heaviest dogs in the world.
    • The weekly collection was originally introduced to help combat such problems.
    • However, the ban will come in later than originally envisaged, a major Spanish victory.
    • The pictures were originally taken to promote a big new film, which never actually made it to a big new screen.
    • The company was originally based in Edinburgh before moving to Biggar and then Symington.
    • Born into a high-ranking family, Rubens had originally been lined up for a career as a lawyer.
    • We bought it originally for our CD-writer, so that we could easily move it between our PCs.
    • The scheme, originally given council backing three years ago, has caused uproar.
    • He was originally a teacher, and had taught science at night classes in York.
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    (dress/write) con originalidad
    (write/dress) de manera original
    • I knew I would have to prove that I was still thinking originally, which is what everybody has to do to get research grants.
    • By far the best bar in Barcelona, it's low-lit and very originally furnished, with a terrifically warm and friendly atmosphere.