Translation of originate in Spanish:


originarse, v.

Pronunciation /ɒˈrɪdʒɪneɪt//əˈrɪdʒəˌneɪt//əˈrɪdʒɪneɪt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (custom) originarse
    (fire) empezar
    (fire) iniciarse
    the practice originated in France la costumbre se originó / tuvo su origen en Francia
    • where did that idea originate? ¿dónde se originó / de dónde surgió esa idea?
    • the noise seemed to originate from the first floor el ruido parecía venir de la planta baja
    • this ceremony originates in an ancient ritual la ceremonia tiene su origen en un antiguo rito
    • It's just new to regions outside of the south where it originates.
    • Alpacas originate from South America and in particular Peru, Chile and Bolivia.
    • Salsas, which originate in Mexico and South America, are a cross between a sauce and a salad.
    • The animal, which is similar to a llama, is fairly new to this country and originates from South America.
    • The exotic creature, which originates from central and South America, is probably an escaped pet.
    • Did you know the word woot originated from the early eighties and was used by hackers when they gained root access to a system?
    • The word originates in Catalonia, which produces most but not all Cava, where it means cellar.
    • Deschauer said the water originates from the south, an area of pasture and woodland.
    • The name originates from the word for crab, the term for the two creatures being almost interchangeable in early cultures.
    • All isolates of C. fulvum collected to date originate from commercially grown tomatoes.
    • It turns out that this train was one that originates at Market East, so it came into the station a few minutes early.
    • Christmas cactus originates in the jungles of South America.
    • Though the word originates from the Latin debere, it comes via the Old French dette.
    • The cranial component originates in the brain stem and leaves through the base of the skull in the vagus nerves.
    • Hopefully those people originating from south of the Trent now resident in and around York will have a good sense of humour and dismiss his remarks with a grin.
    • The seeds used to grow the diseased potatoes are believed to have originated in Holland.
    • Nicoise salad is a famous composed salad that originated in the south of France.
    • The spectacled caiman, which originates from South and Central America, has a boney ridge around its eyes which makes it look as if it is wearing glasses.
    • This scripture probably originated in China itself around the beginning of the 8th century.
    • Chemical industries certainly originated in the south of England.
  • 2US

    salir de
    the flight, which originated in New York, stopped over in Chicago el vuelo, procedente de / que venía de Nueva York, hizo escala en Chicago

transitive verb

  • 1

    (idea/style) crear
    • Gardeners serving at stately homes in Yorkshire originated the tradition of forcing rhubarb into growth.
    • Seed germination is a developmental process of reactivation of metabolism to originate a new plant.
    • If she gets back to Broadway, Braxton hopes to originate a role and not just step into a role created by someone else.
    • He's also given credit for originating the no-look pass and the behind-the-back dribble.
    • He originated the idea of a negawatt, a unit electricity which is simply not used.
    • The person who originated the message is hidden from the email trace.
    • So you do not get a reference for a delay; you are generating and originating your own procedures by constant review from a time point?
    • This is what Hindu thought has done, however, in originating the concept of dharma.
    • There are only a few people who can say that they originated the idea to send a European spacecraft to Mars.
    • We didn't go out and originate a track in India with a tabla player and then build upon that.
    • William Saffire credits William Shakespeare with originating the metaphor.
    • It's hard to originate new ideas and attitudes while surrounded by layers of aging mental clutter.
    • The Commission also has the budgetary initiative, and therefore originates the preliminary draft budget which is put before the Council.
    • Singers should originate and initiate ideas that are new to the market.
    • Musically, however, he's immersed himself in Baker ever since originating the role for the Passe Muraille run.
    • Benny Lynch originated the stereotype of the ill-omened Scottish champion.
    • He depicts a comedienne who was not a wildly improvisational good-time girl originating soundbites like a female Oscar Wilde.
    • The concept was originated by William Smith, a surveyor, in the latter part of the eighteenth century.
    • The system allows users to silently monitor phone lines, or originate calls on other people's lines, Mitnick said.
    • He begins the review in a fantasy world in which Darwin did not originate the concept of natural selection.