Translation of ornamental in Spanish:


ornamental, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɔrnəˈmɛn(t)l//ɔːnəˈmɛnt(ə)l/


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    the handle is purely for ornamental purposes el asa es solo decorativa / solo sirve de adorno
    • ornamental plant planta ornamental
    • A garden created to form rockeries with flower beds, lawn, large ornamental pond, fountain and woodland paths.
    • The garden was originally laid out in the 1740s as an ornamental flower and fruit garden.
    • Remove weeds from ornamental borders and top-up decorative mulches
    • Their walk had led them to a large ornamental fountain, and Fenikkusu sat upon its lip.
    • The well-maintained gardens contain ornamental areas and a productive fruit and vegetable plot.
    • The ornamental decoration of Spanish Hebrew Bibles is only one of the many echoes of this interaction.
    • There are numerous rambling barns and outhouses, and the gardens and two ornamental lakes are exquisite.
    • The estate includes a 17th century deer park with a herd of fallow deer, and ornamental gardens.
    • All but tansy have grey leaves, which makes them useful accents in ornamental gardens.
    • Customs officers have seized two ornamental swords - Chinese and Japanese.
    • My favourite feature here, however, was a set of ornamental toilet bowls decorated with blue-ink drawings.
    • Precious stones of every hue sparkled and flashed from ornamental designs in brass, copper, silver and gold.
    • They are either painted or executed in pen and limited to the area of ornamental decoration.
    • These may have been ornamental porcelains intended to be used as table decorations.
    • It is an eight-storeyed structure with outer walls of ornamental stone work similar to the Vidhana Soudha facade.
    • The plan is to restore the principal garden features including the lost lake, the massive dam wall and the ornamental fruit and flower garden.
    • After much soul-searching, she scattered his remains in a huge ornamental urn in the gardens of her Didsbury home.
    • There were sunken gardens and ornamental ponds, rose pergolas and formal hedges.
    • She held up a very pretty medium-sized ornamental fan with a wood handle and wood blades.
    • Books, postcards, ornamental and decorative pieces, curiosities and some plain junk.