Translation of orthodontics in Spanish:


ortodoncia, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɔrθəˈdɑn(t)ɪks//ˌɔːθəˈdɒntɪks/


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    ortodoncia feminine
    • Many consumers are not aware that general dentists are legally capable of doing orthodontics after dental school.
    • This may involve orthodontics alone or orthodontics together with intervention from another dental discipline.
    • If your child wears braces, a retainer, or other orthodontics, ask the orthodontist about dental care.
    • People also are undergoing innovative forms of treatment, such as aesthetic dentistry, bone-integrated implantation, and adult orthodontics.
    • He said the Western Health Board currently had one Consultant Orthodontist and four Dentists, two of whom were undergoing specialist training in orthodontics.
    • Children who had been treated before this initial examination by means of either orthodontics or dentofacial orthopedics were excluded from the study.
    • Thus more individuals are turning to orthodontics to possess a healthy set of well aligned teeth and an alluring smile.
    • ‘You are never too old to wear braces,’ says Dr. Samir Bishara, a UI professor of orthodontics.
    • He should have had some sort of orthodontics as a child - even as a young adult - what kind of father raises a family like this?
    • This analysis, which was developed initially for the study of skeletal landmarks in orthodontics and orthognathic surgery, also allows specific soft tissue outlines and predictions to be performed.
    • During the closing decades of the twentieth century these procedures, and also aesthetic orthodontics, came to be a common undertaking.
    • This will enable the Cork Dental School to be recognised as an orthodontics training school.
    • The branch of dentistry that specialises in aligning teeth is called orthodontics.
    • Crowns, bridges, full and partial dentures, and orthodontics are available after only 12 months of continuous enrollment.
    • For these children, phase-two orthodontics may include an operation called an osteotomy on the upper jaw that moves the upper jaw both forward and down.
    • Sybron is a niche player and a high-end supplier of quality instruments for orthodontics and dentistry.
    • By pushing teeth back into the bone, orthodontics can reduce the effect of receding gums, too.
    • She will also get orthodontics to straighten her lower teeth.
    • Because they have been able to keep the dental readiness of our fleet and shore active-duty members so high, family members can receive care in all dental disciplines, including orthodontics.
    • She says the Orange, California-based firm has a unique market advantage because it operates in two areas: professional dental and orthodontics.