Translation of oscilloscope in Spanish:


osciloscopio, n.

Pronunciation /əˈsɪləskəʊp//əˈsɪləˌskoʊp/


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    osciloscopio masculine
    • The service man, say, uses an oscilloscope to measure electric voltages in more or less arbitrary parts of the surface of a non-functioning TV set.
    • The voltage will produce a waveform on the oscilloscope.
    • One member of the radio society even has a major collection of cathode ray oscilloscopes, which he displays along one complete wall in his home.
    • The amplified signal was monitored with a storage oscilloscope and recorded with a tape recorder or a strip chart recorder.
    • It is important to understand the fundamental difference between real-time oscilloscopes and sampling oscilloscopes.
    • An external trigger is provided for analogue signal analysis using an oscilloscope.
    • The screenshot was taken while looping pattern five, so you can see the activity of the individual instruments in the oscilloscopes at the upper right.
    • The signal was isolated from the excitation laser beam with a glass filter and a pinhole, detected by a photomultiplier tube, and recorded by a digital oscilloscope.
    • Special test patterns are designed for use with instrumentation such as color analyzers, photometers, waveform monitors, and oscilloscopes.
    • This varying current can then be used to activate a meter or oscilloscope or, after suitable processing, make an audio tape or some such permanent record.
    • ‘We now troubleshoot them manually using voltage meters and oscilloscopes,’ he said.
    • The output signals from the signal conditioner were also displayed on a digital oscilloscope for online evaluation.
    • During testing, the current was continuously monitored on an oscilloscope positioned adjacent to the testing chamber, thereby allowing constant observation of the animals as well.
    • On an oscilloscope, standard alternating current power looks like a wave with peaks and valleys occurring 60 times a second.
    • In single-channel experiments, the membrane current was monitored with an oscilloscope and recorded on a chart recorder for data analysis by hand.
    • A new method for correcting common timing errors in high-speed oscilloscopes has been developed by researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
    • The square pulses were monitored displaying the signal in an oscilloscope.
    • Single-channel current fluctuations were displayed on an oscilloscope and recorded on Digital Audio Tape.
    • He typed in a command on the keyboard, and the playback fed into the oscilloscope's fluorescent cathode-ray screen.
    • In the past couple of years, oscilloscopes have sailed through the gigahertz barrier.