Translation of ostler in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈɒslə//ˈ(h)ɑslər/


  • 1

    • So the hostler cracked his whip, spurred on the lead horse on which he was seated, and the carriage splashed into the estuary.
    • When the two of them reached the entrance to the stables, a hostler came walking up.
    • He partook of a leisurely breakfast, paid his reckoning, had the ostler bring his horse, and set off to the sound of church bells in the clear air.
    • Candle makers, after all, cannot be expected to hail the invention of the electric light bulb, nor hostlers the advent of automobiles, nor canal-boat owners the building of railways, nor TV broadcasters the laying down of cable systems.
    • After searching the entire castle, I eventually found them in the stables handing their horses over to the hostlers after a ride.