Translation of Ouija board in Spanish:

Ouija board

tablero de ouija, n.

Pronunciation /ˈwidʒə ˌbɔrd//ˈwiːdʒə ˌbɔːd/



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    tablero de ouija masculine
    ouija feminine
    • Your answer to the question about Ouija boards brought back a rather amusing story of my own experience with the devil board.
    • Age scoffs at those who think this is all about Ouija boards and séances.
    • One thing I did believe, however, was the Ouija board.
    • I had seen one too many cult films about Ouija boards to get one of those but the cards seemed safe.
    • Though raised by scientists, I sometimes find Ouija boards hard to explain.
    • It explains why the planchette, in response to questions, glides so smoothly over the Ouija board to spell answers which seem to come from spirits.
    • Yup, gone are the days when contact with the spirit world involved a glass, a Ouija board and a candlelit Victorian drawing room.
    • At the time, this did not concern me because, as an 8 year old, 14 years in the future seemed an eternity, and I didn't believe in Ouija boards anyway.
    • The detector was seated in front of an alphabet board modeled after the Ouija board.
    • She arranged her Ouija board, her crystal, and her ‘Holy Bible’ and she was ready.
    • One morning the bundle was inexplicably scattered about, and Fanny (an ardent spiritualist herself) consulted a Ouija board about the cause of the disruption.
    • She was moving so subtly that I imagined I was a giant Ouija board.
    • Players uncomfortable with the possibility that they are being ‘played’ might decide to give up the Ouija board altogether.
    • There was a tale told that Ouija boards held the souls of the dead within them.
    • A Ouija board is used in divination and spiritualism.
    • In some sense, therefore, the device allows the cursor to be a planchette in a virtual Ouija board effect.
    • Jane's belief that she was possessed by spirits had its origin in a session with a Ouija board when it began to glide under her fingers and spell out messages from the Great Beyond.
    • Though I'd been warned about Ouija boards by church youth leaders, this didn't look like anything that could hurt me.
    • I had asked everyone if it was okay for me to bring my Ouija board the previous week, and even though they were all afraid of it, they said yes.
    • The Ouija board has all 26 letters of the alphabet and the numbers from 0 to 9 drawn on it.